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Month: September 2005 (page 1 of 2)

iLOVEprodos.COM to be re-built

One of the mottos of iLOVEprodos.COM is:

Shop! Learn! Leap! Love!

Not only will this site be an online shopping mall offering products and services which I personally recommend, it will also include 4 “Zones”.

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PRODOS server to be monitored for a month for security breaches

I’ve just commissioned Israel-based Linux technician, Guy Cohen, who has repaired my server in the past – and has been very effective – to monitor and maintain the PRODOS server for the month of October.

Thanks to a donation from Sydney Kendall for making this possible.

Last week Guy set up a script that is currently blocking about 5 “brute force attacks” on my server every day.

If you’ve noticed greater speed, smoothness, and reliability using PRODOS project sites lately, it’s all due to Guy’s work.

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Winston Churchill: For Free Trade (1906)

At tonight’s Discover Capitalismâ„¢ meeting we’ll be studying Sir Winston Churchill’s second most rare book: A collection of his speeches called “For Free Trade.”

This was first published in 1906. Only 500 copies were printed at the time.

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15,000 spams

A few days ago I received 15,000 spams.

Since that day, the amount dropped to “just” 3,700 per day.

Yesterday I hired a Linux expert to trouble-shoot my server and plug up several security holes in it since it was apparent to me that the spam was being launched via my own server.

I used this same Linux expert about a month ago because my server was periodically crashing. In fact it crashed every time I brought a new domain or subomain online.

He found that the cause was spam being sent into my system and overloading it. Since he fixed this problem all PRODOS websites have been working much faster and smoother and I’ve had no server crashes.

Over the past few years my server has crashed near every ICD (International Capitalism Day).

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PRODOS.COM interview with Andrew Bernstein on The Capitalist Manifesto

Just finished recording an interview with Dr Andrew Bernstein about his new book, The Capitalist Manifesto.

This should be available online at PRODOS.COM within the next couple of days.

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Julian Burnside QC on The Case Against an ID card

With my wife, this evening I attended an Australian Adam Smith dinner meeting featuring a talk by lawyer, Julian Burnside, arguing against the proposed ID card being put forward by the Howard Government.

He raised many important issues and presented his case very clearly and openly. I disagreed with a lot of his arguments against the ID card (even though I am currently neither for nor against it), but I (and everyone there) enjoyed the discussion quite a lot.

My friend, Tim Warner, who is one of the key organisers of the Adam Smith Club meetings, a regular attendee at both my Discover Capitalism™ and Free Market Roundtable meetings raised some very good points about the nature of privacy and how it relates to owning one’s own life.

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Liberal Party: Richmond South Branch

On Saturday, October 1, I’ll be setting up an information table on the corner of Church Street and Bridge Road for the Richmond South Branch of the Liberal Party of Australia, of which I’m a member.

I’ve been a member of the Liberal Party for about 18 months.

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PRODOS wins Adam Smith Club Achievement Award

On Monday, July 11, 2005 I won the Australian Adam Smith Club Achievement Award

… for his continued work to further the understanding
of free markets and support of individual liberty through
his campaigns such as Celebrate Capitalism ™ and
Discover Capitalism ™ and to honour his dedication
and unstinting efforts to promote freedom around the
world through International Capitalism Day …

I’ll post some pics from it soon.


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Discover Capitalism ™ most Tuesday nights in Melbourne

Most Tuesday nights here in Melbourne I organize and chair a discussion group called Discover Capitalismâ„¢

The idea is to discuss, debate, explore, celebrate – the inspiring ideas and accomplishments of history’s greatest Creative Heroes, plus some of our favorite thinkers and activists for freedom, creativity, and prosperity (while you dine and drink), including:

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New PRODOS Song: “We Invite the World!”

I’ve recently written a new song called “We Invite the World!” for the Celebrate Capitalismâ„¢ campaign and for supporters of freedom, creativity, and capitalism. Continue reading

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