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Month: October 2005 (page 1 of 3)

Gerard Jackson to speak at Free Market Roundtable Tuesday Nov 08

Next Tuesday, the 8th of November, one of the nations
most prolific and hard-hitting economics writers,
will be our guest @ the Free Market Roundtable.

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Melbourne Cup long weekend: Therefore meetings cancelled

Due to Melbourne Cup frivolities and holidays, PRODOS Thinking Club on Monday, and Free Market Roundtable (and Discover Capitalism™) on Tuesday will be cancelled for this week.

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Yoiks! My system just sent out hundreds of emails. I don’t know how that happened.

Oops! If you’re one of the hundreds of people who received strange emails from “Service.prodos.ORG” … Sorry about that!

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Discover Capitalism: Critique of Kant’s “Perpetual Peace”

Tonight (Tuesday, 25 October) at Discover Capitalism ™ we focus on Immanuel Kant’s “Perpetual Peace”.

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PRODOS Thinking Club: “Creative Harvesting”

For Monday, October 24, we will be studying:


After using lateral thinking we have a list of ideas.

We could just go through that list and keep the ones
we like and get rid of the ones we don’t like.

But HARVESTING trains us to do more.

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Planning to set up “The 1776” message board this week

I have been testing and comparing message board scripts for several months now and have settled on using FUDForum.

“The 1776” message board is scheduled to be set up this coming week.


  • The “Prodos Thinking Club” message board.
  • The “House of PRODOSTRUCTION” message board
  • The new “TEWLIP” message board
  • The “Celebrate Self” message board
  • Possibly the “Science & Technology” message board
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    Dr Allan Gotthelf interview back online

    My interview with Dr Allan Gotthelf discussing his book, ON AYN RAND is back online @

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    Nicholas D will try to break into PRODOS server

    Loyal supporter of Celebrate Capitalism™ and trusted colleague, Nicholas D (who created the “Nicholas D Capitalism Quotator”) will be testing the security of the PRODOS server by trying to break into it over the next few days.

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    Tonight, monthly Liberal Party meeting

    Tonight I’ll be attending the monthly meeting of the Richmond South branch of the Liberal Party. (The Liberal Party of Australia is similar to the Republican Party in the USA or the Conservative Party of the UK)

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    Inernet connection problems over the last 2 days

    [Later note on Tuesday morning: Everything seems to be running fine again.]

    I have been intermittent connection problems over the last couple of days. The cause seems to be my ISP. I’m investigating the matter. It’s meant that most of today was taken up with running tests and checking with both my server supplier in the USA and my ISP, BigPond, here in Melbourne on possible causes. I will be sending the ISP traceroutes shortly.

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