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Month: March 2006 (page 1 of 2)

Discover Capitalism: Wafa Sultan

Tonight we studied the complete transcript of Wafa Sultan’s interview on al-Jazeera TV in which she discussed the beliefs and practices of Muslims and the problems of today’s (and past) Islamic societies.

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SOLID VOX websites have been created

All 7 SOLID VOX™ websites – one for each presenter – have now been created and are online.

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iLOVEprodos.COM – CSS update completed

I have been working with a programer/coder this week to improve the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) for the site. This work was successfully completed this morning.

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SOLID VOX: Presenter’s blogs created

I have created THINKER TO THINKER™ blogs for each of the 7 SOLID VOX™ Presenters who didn’t already have one.

These blogs will be used to receive feedback and comments regarding each show.

Presenters may also use their blog in any other way they wish to – without any restrictions.

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Richmond South Liberal Party meeting tonight

My wife an I are attending the monthly Richmond South branch Liberal Party meeting tonight.

[Note: The Celebrate Capitalism campaign treats the Liberal Party as a SNEWPY – Specified as a NON Endorsed Website, Party, or Ideology.]

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PRODOS Thinking Club: Target-Expand-Contract

For Monday night’s workshop (Monday, 20th of March)
we will be studying “TEC” – Target, Expand, Contract.

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I have set up combined feeds from all active THINKER TO THINKER™ blogs.

To view these go to:

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Server crashing over 2 days

I’ve had two days of intermittent server crashes which has held up progress on some projects.

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Setting up Project Management system

I have set up and am test running a project management system to be used across most PRODOS Institute projects and campaigns.

[Later note: Tests so far indicate that the new system works well.]

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iLOVEprodos.COM – Now online

The shopping system is now online. I have started populating it with products and services.

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