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Month: April 2006 (page 1 of 2)

“Is this Islam?” Project

I am setting up a project called “Is this Islam?”

This will expose and examine:

  1. The way Islam is invoked to justify terrorism, oppression, and violence generally.
  2. The work of Muslim writers and others who present Islam as peaceful and non-violent.
  3. The work of Muslim writers and others who advocate Ijtihad, free speech, separation of state and religion.

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I’ve set up which will contain the archived and current writings of Australian laissez-faire economics writer, Gerard Jackson.

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SOLID VOX: Behind schedule, but launching soon

Unfortunately, I’ve fallen behind schedule over the last couple of weeks with launching the SOLID VOX ™ internet radio podcast project.

This is mainly due to deciding to apply for Liberal Party preselection for the forthcoming state election, which has involved a lot of time and work.

Nevertheless, I’m hoping to get back on track with SOLID VOX™ in the next few days and have spent most of the weekend working on this project, and will be giving it top priority over the next couple of days until it’s ready to roll.

I’ve also accepted another applicant to join the SOLID VOX™ team of presenters. More details soon. 🙂

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THINKER TO THINKER: Major upgrade planned

I’m preparing to embark on a major upgrade to the THINKER TO THINKER blog system over the next couple of weeks.

It should include more themes/looks, easier and faster operation, more functions and flexibility. I’ll provide more specific details once I’ve finished my thinking and planning (and worked out my budget.)

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iLOVEprodos.COM upgrades on admin

Last week, working with a coder, we completed further upgrades to the iLOVEprodos.COM admin control panel. There are a few more things I need to fix, but have run out of money for now.

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Interviewed by Chinese newspaper, Channel 31, The Age

I was interviewed last night by Channel 31, and a Chinese newspaper, and this morning by The Age.

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Discover Capitalism: History of Science

Tonight’s meeting studied the development of Science in the mid to late 18th Century.

We looked at the development of various ideas – such as the identification of Oxygen and other elements – including the final upheaval of the Earth, Wind, Fire, Water model.

The discussion investigated:

How even in those cases where ideas have now been supersede – the Scientists and Inventors demonstrate GOOD methodology.

How the methodology of OBJECTIVITY is in fact the methodology of DISCOVERY!

How the advancement of Science went hand-in hand with the development of Capitalistic Ideals: The ideals of free thinking and free trade.

How great minds proliferate in free societies. And how creative individuals tend to move towards the freest countries/regions.

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PRODOS Thinking Club: Tonight’s workshop cancelled

Due to exhaustion I cancelled tonight’s PRODOS Thinking Club workshop.

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TV interview on Channel Seven

I was interviewed yesterday (Sunday) by commercial TV station, Channel Seven and, among other things, discussed the Victorian Labor Party’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act

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Liberal Party: State Council

Reporting that my wife and I attended the Liberal Party State Council today. We are both members of the party.

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