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Month: June 2006 (page 1 of 3)

SOLID VOX: The Darby Report interviews Dr Muriel Newman

Former New Zealand Minister of Parliament, Dr Muriel Newman, discusses her experiences in politics as a member the pro free enterprise, ACT Liberal Party, and her new project, NZ Centre for Political Debate.

Listen online at:

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Two Celebrate Capitalism ™ project leaders quit

I recently received an email from 2 long-time Australian supporters of the Celebrate Capitalism campaign informing me that they are quitting because the Melbourne Capitalism Award ™ 2006 was given to an “anti-capitalist”.

They were referring to Pastor Daniel Nalliah of Catch The Fire Christian Ministry.

I’ve written twice to the former project leaders to provide evidence that proves that Daniel Nalliah is an “anti-capitalist” but have not yet received any response.

To listen to my SOLID VOX interview with Daniel Nalliah and find some helpful links: click here

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New direction for the PRODOS blog

Until now, I’ve restricted this blog to project updates only – with no commentary or opinion articles.

I will now begin including commentary and opinion articles.

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SOLID VOX: New interviews recorded

This week, new SOLID VOX show, The Darby Report (with Michael Darby) recorded its first interview.

PRODOS Worldwide recorded two new interviews also.

These aren’t yet online. I’m hoping to get them online by tonight.

I doubled the space available for mp3 files on the SOLID VOX server (a subset of the PRODOS server). There is now 1 GB available for this project. About 600 MB have already been used.

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MYprodos membership system specs

I spent quite a bit of time this week doing further work on the specifications for the forthcoming PRODOS Projects membership administration system.

I sent my initial notes to programmer, Davide Villani, for an overall evaluation. Davide’s evaluation was positive and I’m hoping to commission him to start building the new system this week.

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Liberal Party campaign launch

On Wednesday, 21st of June, 2006, Sydney/Barboo and I attend the Liberal Party’s South Eastern Metropolitan Regional Electorate Council campaign launch.

State Liberal Party leader, Ted Bailleau, gave the keynote address. State President (and former Real Estate professional) Russell Hannan, conducted the fund-raising auction of donated goods.

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Adam Smith Club dinner: Access Card NO WAY

My wife and I attended the Australian Adam Smith Club dinner last Monday to hear Tim Warner argue why he was opposed to the “Access Card”.

To visit Tim’s campaign site,, click here.

On the night, Sydney/Barboo and I also presented a short, humorous song I wrote in support of the campaign. I’ll record it and provide a link shortly.

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Lost a few days due to exhaustion

This week I lost a few days of working on things due to exhaustion. Still catching up on my backlog of emails, uploads and project updates.

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Researching Islamic canonical texts

This last couple of weeks I’ve spent quite a bit of time studying key Islamic texts and commentaries on these to come to a conclusion on whether Islam is in fact a “Religion of Peace” and whether there is any room for “Ijtihad”.

I’ll provide further details in a later post.

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SOLID VOX: Tim Warner discusses the Access/ID Card

My interview with Tim Warner on the many dangers to liberty and security created by the Australian Government’s recently announced “Access Card” is now online at:

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