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Month: July 2006

Good news: John Howard to stay on as Liberal Party Leader

Here is Mr Howard’s announcement about staying on as Liberal Party leader for the next election …

In recent weeks I have taken a variety of soundings within the parliamentary party to ascertain its feelings on the leadership issue.

My position has been that I would remain leader of the Liberal Party for so long as that was the party’s wish, and that it was in the party’s best interests that I did so.

My soundings tell me the strong view of the party is that the current leadership team, with me as leader and peter Costello as deputy leader, should remain in place through to the next election.

My purpose in writing is to inform you, in advance of a public announcement, that I will commit to leading the party to the next election. I remain enthusiastic and keen to ensure that the Coalition achieves a fifth electoral victory. I spoke to Peter Costello yesterday to advise him of my feelings.

Leadership of the party is a great honour, of which I remain profoundly conscious. It is, moreover, the unique gift of the party room.

Just as the party now wants me to continue as leader I accept that it has a perfect right to change its mind if it judges that to be to the party’s benefit. If that were to occur, I would not ignore the party’s shift in sentiment.

Please believe me when I say that the next election will be hard to win. We must, therefore, go to it with our best people in the right places.

A crucial element will be Peter Costello’s contribution, not only as deputy leader but also as Treasurer, where his work over the past decade has been so important to our success.

I have thought it desirable to resolve my position regarding the leadership in advance of parliament resuming on the 8th August. Hence this letter. I will make a statement on my intentions later today.

I look forward to seeing you at the already foreshadowed special joint party meeting on the afternoon of 7 August to discuss future policy directions.

Yours sincerely

John Howard

Announced: Mon, Jul 31, 2006 2:12 pm

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iLOVEprodos.COM – upgrading admin function

Having received a small donation recently, I have commissioned a small but long-needed upgrade to the admin function of the iLOVEprodos.COM shopping system.

[Later note: Upgrade successfully completed.]

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Labor Market Reform: The effect of getting rid of minimum wage laws?

Gerard Jackson discusses on PRODOS Worldwide:

What would be the effect of removing all minimum wage laws?

This interview is available at::

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1. Anti-Anti-Americanism, 2. Cultural Diversity

Last night at DISCOVER CAPITALISM ™ in Melbourne, we studied:

Victor Hanson‘s essay: “Anti-Anti-Americanism – Dealing with the crazy world after Iraq”
click here to read it

… AND …

Thomas Sowell’s essay: “Cultural Diversity – A World View”
click here to read it


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PRODOS Worldwide interview with John Pasquarelli

My interview with John Pasquarelli is now online at:

John Pasquarelli is not a free marketeer. He supports tarrifs and various restrictions on international trade. I’d also disagree with some of his views on immigration as well as many social issues.

However, his comments on the problems with multiculturalism and his advocacy of assimiliation are spot on. Also, his observations about Australian politics.

John Pasquarelli

John Pasquarelli: Former advisor to Pauline Hanson, and later to John Stone. Minister in the first Parliament of Papua New Guinea. Artist/Painter. Crocodile hunter.

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Michael Darby interviews Dr Don Brash

Don Brash, New Zealand National Party

Don Brash, New Zealand National Party

Now available online: Michael Darby‘s wide ranging interview with the Leader of the National Party of New Zealand, Dr Don Brash.

Listen online @

I found especially interesting, Don Brash’s story about coming to Australia to do his PhD years ago – intent on proving how terrible and destructive American and foreign investment is to a country.

But by the end of his thesis, he had become a strong pro free market advocate – and remains so. This shows an honest mind at work.

Further evidence of Don Brash’s openess and honesty comes through when he talks briefly about past New Zealand Prime Minister, and National Party leader, Sir Robert Muldoon, who was heavily interventionist. Dr Brash contrasts his own very different approach whilst remaining gracious at all times.

New Zealand would do well to make Don Brash its Prime Minister! 🙂

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Mail system working again

The mailing system has been fixed and, according to the tests I’ve run so far, seems to be working normally again.

Over the last few days emails from the following sources have been permanently lost.

Please re-send or re-apply, if you have used any of the following:

  • Application for a THINKER TO THINKER(tm) blog
  • Messages sent via any of the forms on any PRODOS project site.
  • Applications to join Celebrate Capitalism(tm) campaign.
  • Applications to join any other PRODOS project or campaign or service.
  • Message board notifications.
  • Notifications from THINKER TO THINKER(tm) blogs – including request for new passwords, etc.
  • Notifications from any PRODOSCOPE.COM mailing lists.
  • Emails sent to any PRODOS project email address other than prodos “at” prodos “dot com”.

As you can see, the losses has been extensive.

The problem seems to have been caused by a mass spam attack which may have included a virus attack, which masqueraded as if coming from the PRODOS server.

This resulted in the PRODOS IP address being temporarily blacklisted/blocked. It has now been unblocked.

Thanks to Davide Villani for his assistance with this issue.

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Problem with PRODOS server mail system

There’s a problem with the mail system within the PRODOS server which is preventing emails from coming through for prodoscope mailing lists, THINKER TO THINKER ™ blogs, and PRODOS Forums.

We’re working on it and will provide further updates shortly.

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Liberal Party Preselection Convention for Richmond District

Tomorrow evening, Thursday, is the Victorian Liberal Party Preselection Convention which will determine who will be the Candidate for the District of Richmond (Victoria, Australia).

I am one of the applicants standing for Preselection – seeking to be a Candidate for the forthcoming state election which takes place November 25, 2006.

[Later note: Friday, July 7 – I lost the preselection. I don’t know how the vote went. Applicants aren’t told.]

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SOLID VOX: Islam, The Religion of Peace. Or not?

In this latest PRODOS Worldwide interview Sorge Diaz of argues that Islam is a dangerous Religion of Aggression.

Listen, download or podcast from:

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