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Month: October 2006

Businessman’s Self-Defense Kit, Economic Foundations of Freedom

Tonight at our weekly Discover Capitalism ™ meeting we studied The Economic Foundations of Freedom by Ludwig Von Mises. Here’s an excerpt …

Representative government is the political corollary of the market economy.

The same spiritual movement that created modern capitalism substituted elected officeholders for the authoritarian rule of absolute kings and hereditary aristocracies.

It was this much-decried bourgeois liberalism that brought freedom of conscience, of thought, of speech, and of the press and put an end to the intolerant persecution of dissenters.

… And The Businessman’s Self-Defense Kit by Nicholas Provenzo. An excerpt …

I hold that everyone in the free market is a producer, or someone who has the fruits of someone else’s productivity bestowed upon him.

Accordingly, I hold that to understand the principle that animates the free market, it is inappropriate to look at the people in the market as either producers or consumers. I’m not a producer from 9 to 5 and a consumer the rest of the day. Neither are you.

We are all producers who seek trade with other producers on mutually agreed upon terms, to mutual advantage.

Is there anything more uplifting than talking about Capitalism? No!

I feel so Capitalissimo!


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He’s dead meat: Sheik Taj Din al-Hilaly blames rape AND theft on women

In Weekend Australian, October 28-29, 2006, page 29, there’s a transcript of Sheik Hilaly’s Ramadan speech at Lakemba mosque (Sydney, Australia).

Here’s what the Sheik said about adultery and rape – at points conflating the two:

But in the event of adultery, the responsibility falls 90 percent of the time with the women.

Why? Because the woman possesses the weapon of seduction. She is the one who takes her clothes off, cuts them short, acts flirtatious, puts on make-up and powder, and goes on the street dallying.

She is the one who wearing a short dress, lifting it up, lowering it down, then a look, then a smile, then a word, then a greeting, then a chat, then a date, then a meeting, then a crime, then Long Bay Jail, then comes a merciless judge who gives you 65 years.

But the whole disaster, who started it?

The Al-Rafihi scholar says in one of his literary works, he says:

    If I come across a crime of


    – kidnap and violation of honour – I would discipline the man and teach him a lesson in morals, and I would order the woman be arrested and

jailed for life


Why Rafihi?

He says, because if she hadn’t left the meat uncovered, the cat wouldn’t have snatched it. If you take a kilo of meat, and you don’t put it in the fridge, or in the pot, or in the kitchen, but you put it on a plate and placed it outside in the yard. Then you have a fight with the neighbour because his cats ate the meat. Then [inaudible]. Right or not?

If one puts uncovered meat out in the street or on the footpath, or in the garden, or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, then the cats come and eat it, is it the fault of the cat or the uncovered meat? The uncovered meat is the problem! If it was covered the cat wouldn’t have it. It would have circled around it and circled around it, then given up and gone.

If she was in her room, in her house, wearing her hijab, being chaste, the disasters wouldn’t have happened. The woman possesses the weapon of seduction and temptation.

But there’s another section of that speech which hasn’t been quoted yet, as far as I’ve seen. In this section Sheik Al-Hilaly blames women for causing theft.

On the issue of stealing, when the man is responsible for earning. He’s responsible for the expenses, the food and water. He is the one who has to pay the rent, he is responsible for the alimony, he is responsible for feeding his children. Maybe circumstances forced him and Satan tempted him, and there is a woman like hell behind him; she never has enough.

She wants to change the furniture, change the lounge every year.

And behind every man who is a thief, a greedy woman. She is pushing him.

In the next sentence the Sheik then says:

Not our women in Australia, the women of Canada [!!]. The hall up there is full. They are the women of Canada and Mexico [!!], the ones who encourage their men – to do what?

Go! Get me! And no matter how much he brings her, she wants more. She wants to change the car and change … Of course, the woman keeps demanding from her husband more than his ability.

Either she will tell him to go and deal in drugs, or go and steal.

What more than that? Spend as much as you have! You know your husband upside down! If you demand from your husband more than his ability, then what does that mean? Who is the one who would have to become a mafia? A gangster? And steal cars? And smash banks? And deal in the “blue disease” [drugs]? Who is the one who commits these crimes of stealing? Who? The man or the woman? It’s the man.

Thus spake the hero of Lakemba Mosque. The Grand Mufti of Australia.

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SOLID VOX: Interview with Dr Mark Durie exploring Christianity – Is it the REAL Religion of Peace?

Anglican minister, Dr Mark Durie, talks on my show about Christianity.

In particular, we explore verses in the Bible which seem to condone the use of violence and we examine violent episodes in the history of the Christian Church.

This interview is now available online @

The main biblical verse of contention is Matthew 10:34

Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. Matthew 10:34

Is this an advocacy of violence?

We also touch on the Crusades and the Inquisition – although a lot more study of these is needed.

Over the last couple of years I’ve been steadily studying Islam.

As well as wanting to understand Islam in general, I’ve been especially keen to locate and understand the notion of “Ijtihad” which is supposed to be a lost tradition of independent, critical thinking within Islam. So far I remain unconvinced that Islam has any room for the independent mind. It certainly has no shortage of glorifying violence.

Now I’ve also begun studying Christian writing. Pope Benedict’s 9/12 speech has been my biggest spur in doing this. Especially his invoking of the Ancient Greeks.

Does Christianity promote coercion? What is its take on “faith”? Is Christianity hostile to reason? Does it have room for the independent thinker? How does it deal with dissent? Mockery? Apostasy? The relation between Church and State?

Compared to Islam, Christianity is coming out roses.


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A hell of a month but ready to get back on track

What a month it’s been. Back-to-back disasters and emergencies all around: computer, server, financial, family, health, death, you name it.

Way behind on email correspondence and project updates.

Oh well, such is life sometimes.

Today, everything looks rosy, the gods are smiling, and we’re back in business!

Yippee!! 😀

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