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Month: February 2007

Create and deliver your own email newsletters

I’m setting up a new service that will allow you tocreate and deliveryour own email newsletters.

It willbe available forFREEtoCelebrate Capitalism project leaders, THINKER TO THINKER bloggers, and supporters of Capitalist Ideals.

Plans are to have it ready over the next 10 days.

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SNEWPI system almost ready to roll!

The SNEWPI system is now online and functioning but needs a few more administrative functions added to it which Davide Villani and I are now finalising.Also needed aresome minor aesthetic fixes.

This web system @ has been set up to allow those working within PRODOS projects which have a strict NON Endorsement policy to create links to NON endorsed websites.

SNEWPI has been integrated with the MYprodos membership management system.

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kaPOWwow! PRODOS Live Chat Room

Completed set-up of kaPOWwow! @

This is a moderated chat roomthat will be used to meet online with Celebrate Capitalism ™project leaders, THINKER TO THINKER ™ bloggers, and others involved in various projects and campaigns.

Also, moderated discussions on topics exploring Capitalist Ideals will be scheduled.

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Freemasonry – Completed Second Degree – Fellow Craft

This evening I completed my Second Degree in Freemasonry, also known as Fellow Craft, at the Hearts of Oak Lodge in Brighton (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia).

Fascinating rituals, symbols,and initiations. Learnt a lot, enjoyed it immensely, and met many excellent individuals.

Here are some famous individuals who were Freemasons:

Bud Abbott
Bud Abbott

Freemason: Cecil B de Mille
Cecil B de Mille

Freemason: Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin

Freemason: George Washington
George Washington

Harpo Marx

Freemason: John Wayne
John Wayne

Sir George Houstoun Reid
Australian Prime Minister,
Sir George Houstoun Reid
Free Trade Party, 1904

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Illness over the last week has caused some delays

Due to falling ill last week I’ve lost nearly a week of work time.

On the advice of my doctor (and my wife!) I’ve altered some of my diet andam nowbeing more careful to get more rest and am feeling in tip-top shapeagain! 🙂

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PRODOSCOPE mailing lists moved and working again

When all domains and web systems were recently moved to the new server (actually, it’s two servers)themailing lists located at were not included.

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