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Month: March 2007

Free World Express ™ email newsletter service now available

I’ve set up a new, free service which provides supporters of capitalism with the tools they needto design, build, and deliver their own email newsletters.

The newsletters don’t have to be about Capitalism – provided the newsletter owner is personally and clearly pro Capitalism.

To register go to:

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New Celebrate Capitalism websystem – Stage Two

We’ve completed stage one of building the new Celebrate Capitalism websystem and are now working on stage two.

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New Celebrate Capitalism web system stage one

Reporting that I have now commissioned a coder/programer to testthe new system I have in mind for the campaign’s websites.

The first step is to check whether the new server has the ability to run such a system.

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Celebrate Capitalism websystem possible overhaul

I’m looking at rebuilding the Celebrate Capitalism web system – possibly using a Drupal multi-site installation.

The current system, which has been online for a couple of years, has unfortunately always been heavily bug-ridden and therefore time-consuming to administer.

With International Capitalism Day fast approaching, I knowthat this iscutting it close to the wind. However, I feel that the long-term viability of the campaign is too important to stay any longer with the current system.

As the campaign grows, a buggy system will just mean more time wasted trying to work around it.

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Snewpi completed

The SNEWPI site @ has been completed.

Links to the autobiography of Thomas Jefferson
Links to a discussion of Leonard Peikoff’s “Dim Hypothesis” on Stephen and Betsy Speichers Forum For Ayn Rand Fans
Links to Christian activist organisation, The Saltshakers, provides updates on the case of “The Two Dannys” – convicted by VCATT of breaching the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act (Victoria, Australia)

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