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Month: April 2007

Democrats keep shifting goal posts on Iraq War policies

I often see “the left” changing the goal posts.

This allows them to be AGAINST everything – no matter what it may be.


US Senator, Joe Lieberman, observes how his own Democratic Party colleagues have done this recently with respect to Iraq War policy.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent speech – which is definitely worth reading in total:

For most of the past four years, under Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, the United States did not try to establish basic security in Iraq.

Rather than deploying enough troops necessary to protect the Iraqi people, the focus of our military has been on training and equipping Iraqi forces, protecting our own forces, and conducting targeted sweeps and raids—in other words, the very same missions proposed by the proponents of the legislation before us.

That strategy failed—and we know why it failed. It failed because we didn’t have enough troops to ensure security, which in turn created an opening for Al Qaeda and its allies to exploit. They stepped into this security vacuum and, through horrific violence, created a climate of fear and insecurity in which political and economic progress became impossible.

For years, many members of Congress recognized this. We talked about this. We called for more troops, and a new strategy, and—for that matter—a new secretary of defense.

And yet, now, just as President Bush has come around—just as he has recognized the mistakes his administration has made, and the need to focus on basic security in Iraq, and to install a new secretary of defense and a new commander in Iraq—now his critics in Congress have changed their minds and decided that the old, failed strategy wasn’t so bad after all.

What is going on here? What has changed so that the strategy that we criticized and rejected in 2006 suddenly makes sense in 2007?

Well, Senator, what’s going on is that it’s not about WHAT is right i.e. truth and principles, it’s about WHO is saying it.

Republicans are always wrong.

And it’s about Nihilism – the (anti)philosophy of anti-everything.

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Prodos: The Liberal Party and Australia

PRODOS on the Liberal Party and Australia

This morning, published an article by me called “Prodos: The Liberal Party and Australia”.

Read it HERE

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Jeff Jacoby: What drives the Democrats?

[Reproduced with permission]

What drives the Democrats?
By Jeff Jacoby, April 29, 2007

Legislation passed by congressional Democrats last week would force US troops to abandon Iraq beginning Oct. 1. Though a veto was foreordained, the vote was great news for the jihadis in Iraq, their second such morale boost in a week. On April 19, Senate majority leader Harry Reid had run up a white flag, declaring that “this war is lost and the surge is not accomplishing anything” — music to the ears of Al Qaeda and its allies .

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Liberal Party State Council

Today, Saturday, I attended the Liberal Party (Victorian Division) State Council.

This is where Liberal Party delegates debate and vote on a wide range of motions put forward by Branches and other Party bodies. It’s a marvellous example of democracy at work.

One of the highlights of the day was the speech by Prime Minister, John Howard.

Mr Howard’s speech made many pointed observation about the Labor Party being captive to the Union movement. And, significantly, he made very clear that Australia should mine and sell Uranium and should open the way to nuclear power generation.


Here are some excerpts …

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Discover Capitalism: Tim Warner versus the Access Card

At tonight’s Discover Capitalism™ meeting in Melbourne, Tim Warner – founder of Access Card NO WAY – talked about his work in fighting against and exposing the dangers ofthe Australian Government’s proposed Access Card.

A brilliant presentation!

At the end of the night, Melbourne Celebrate Capitalism CPL (Creative Project Leader), nominated Tim Warner for the Melbourne Capitalism Award™ 2007.

Here is an excerpt from Tim Warner’s speech to the Australian Adam Smith Club last year . . .

“The Philosophic Case against the Card”

The driving force behind the Anglo-Saxon political arrangements of the last two hundred years has been the assumption that Government is limited, and that the citizen is free to do anything that does not demonstrably harm their fellow citizens.

This is the result of a thousand years of political development.

The fight to restrict arbitrary government: the Magna Carta in 1215, defining that the King and the Executive were limited.

The English Civil War in the 1640’s: which decided that only the people could write and enforce laws.

The Glorious and Bloodless Revolution of 1688: that proved that the King and the Government held their positions on the peoples say so.

The American Revolution of 1776: which set a benchmark in
constrained government.

… society is made up of individuals who each have their own
beliefs and values.

They have an absolute property right in their own persons.

That right includes the right of information that they have about them. Any passing or trade of that information should be contracted, and limited by the consent of the person.

The plea that this [the Access Card] is an increase in
efficiency misses the point.

What is the Government doing that needs to be that
efficient with our information?

… The concept of limited or constrained Government is not a
right-wing plot, or a dated political concept – outmoded
by the needs of a technological society.

It is a fundamental requirement for a free society.
It is needed even more in a technologically advanced society.

You must design a constitution and a government as if the devil himself may become its leader.

Angels may be in larger supply than I may believe, but the devil can do great damage in a little time.

… My personal view is that the ID Card represents the total inversion of the magic recipe that has made the west such a success.

This recipe – created by the British and perfected by the American Founding Fathers – is that you give the government a power only on the strictest undertaking after exhausting all other options.

You don’t set out to hand powers to government because it is a convenience.

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Solid Vox guest charged with defrauding customers

On April 2 2007 the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announed that Aden Rusfeldt (who was a guest on SOLID VOX show Profiles In Profit) was charged with “Defrauding Customers in Connection with Internet Solicitations”

SOLID VOX is trying to get in touch with Aden Rusfeldt to get his side of the story.

The CFTC press release regarding the charge is located here

An excerpt:

… according to the complaint, Rusfeldt’s fraudulent sales pitches included false representations that large profits were likely or virtually guaranteed, that risks were minimal or could be substantially eliminated, and that new customers could expect to benefit from Rusfeldt’s profitable past trading performance.

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