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Moderate Muslims leaders completely clueless about free speech

Moderate Muslims want to silence this infidel!

Pomygranate and Andrew Bolt report on the visit to Australia of ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the typical anti-liberty response of so-called “moderate” Muslim leaders.

Nada Roude, of the New SouthWales Islamic Council:

They (prophets) are not just like you and me, they have special status – you’re supposed to show respect …

… There have to be boundaries in how far you go in respecting other’s beliefs. The reaction from the community is likely to be quite worrying.

But Mohammed is not my prophet.

As an atheist, I don’t recognise him as a prophet. Neither do Christians or Jews. Such a “respect” would only apply to those who recognise Mohammed as a prophet, wouldn’t it?

And how is what Aayan Hirsi Ali writes a form of “disrespect”?

She talks about her experiences, and she presents herunderstanding of the Koran,theHadith, the Sunnah. And she shows that the various terrorists who quote Islamic texts, do so understanding what they mean.

Is criticism of Islam and of Mohammed, “disprespect”? Istalking about horrible things done in the name of Islam a form of “disrespect”?

If the words and actions of Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam, are considered by some to be disgusting, repulsive, violent, psychopathic, or stupid what would “respect” of Mohammed consist of?

Nada Roude says there should be “boundaries in how far you go in respecting other’s beliefs”. Why? What boundaries?

One of my “beliefs” is that of free speech. I maintain that “respecting” free speech means thereshould beno “boundaries” on what can be discussed, examined, and criticised. I find Nada’s proposal to limit Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s and my inalienable right to free speech offensive and apalling. Her words appall me. I am sickened by them. Will she respect my feelings?

Another of my beliefs is that I want toencourage apostasy. I wantto see Muslims leave Islam and move on to something better, more rational. I hope Nada will respect this. Islam won’t. The punishment for apostasy in Islam is death.

How do we “respect” a religion of violence?

Jamila Hussain, Islamic law lecturer at Sydney’s University of Technology

I think she’d be better staying where she came from … I’ve read enough of her thoughts. It’s a narrow and radical opinion, and I don’t agree with it. She’s obviously had some dreadful experiences, but they’re not typical.

Jamila must surely know where Ayaan Hirsi Ali “came from”!

She was born in Somalia, move to Saudi Arabia, on to Ethiopia, then to Kenya, thento the Netherlands, and is now based in the United States.

Along the way she’s witnessed and been subjected to a wide variety of delightful Islamic experiences.

For instance, after making a movie about the inherent violence of Islam, her colleague, Theo Van Gogh, was violently murdered by a Muslim. This is the fate of those who don’t “respect” Islam, right?

Here you go Nada Roude and Jamila Hussain, respect this:

Theo Van Gogh, murdered on November 02, 2004

You can’t see from this picture thatthe victimwas nearly decapitated and had 8 bullets shot into him, but you can make out two knives in his body.

And you can see that the knives have eachpinned a note into the victim’s chest. These are letters from the killer, Mohammed (peace be upon his life-sentence) Bouyeri who “claims to have murdered van Gogh to fulfill his duty as a Muslim.”

One of these letters is for Ayaan. Here are some excerpts

Dear Mrs Hirshi Ali,

Since your appearence in the Dutch political arena you have been constantly busy criticising Muslims and terrorising Islam with your statements.

You are hereby not the first and not the last and also won’t be the last to have joined the crusade against Islam.

… It appears that you are blinded by your burning unbelief and in your rage you are not able to see that you are just an instrument of the real enemies of Islam.

You are being used by all the enemies of Islam to siphon all kinds of hostilities towards the most noble person (Mohammed Rasoeloe Alla).

Mrs. Hirshi Ali, I don’t blame you for all of this, as a soldier of evil you are just doing your work.

The fact that you so openly spill out your evil is not because of you yourself, but the Islamic Ummah. She has as her task to resist injustice and has let evil go on and has been blissfully asleep. All of your hostility towards Islam is therefore the fault of the Islamic Ummah.

This letter is Insha Allah (God willing) an attempt to stop your evil and silence you forever. These writings will Inshallah cause your mask to fall off.

… It is a fact that Dutch politics is dominated by many Jews and is a product of the Talmudic Schools, as is also the case with your colleagues in your political party.

… What do you think of the fact that you are part of a government that supports a State [Israel] which pleads for genocide ?

… With these hostilities you have unleashed a boomerang effect and you know that it is only a question of time until this boomerang will seal your fate.

…And yet, Mrs. Hirsi Ali, I would bet on my life that you will break into a SWEAT OF FEAR when you read this.

You, as unbelieving fundamentalist, of course don’t believe in a Higher Power who runs the universe.

You dont believe in your heart, with with you repudiate the truth, that you must knock and ask this Higher Power for permission .

…I shall wish this wish for you:

Mijn Rabb (master) give us death to give us happiness with martyrdom. Allahoemma Amien.


You and your friend know full well that the present day Islamic youth are raw diamonds that need to be polished, so that they can diffuse the light of Truth.

Your intellectual terrorism will not prevent this, on the contrary, it will hasten this.

Islam will be victorious through the blood of the martyrs.They will spread it’s light in every dark corner of this earth and it will drive evil with the sword if necessary back into it’s dark hole.

… There will be no mercy shown to the purveyors of injustice, only the sword will be lifted against them. No discussions, no demonstrations, no petitions: on DEATH will separate the Truth from the Lies.

[ … ]

“I surely know that you, O America, will be destroyed “.

“I surely know that you O Europe, will be destroyed”

“I surely know that you O Holland will be destroyed”

“I surely know that you, O Hirshi Ali will be destroyed”


Courageous, devouthead-banging Muslim martyr (murderer) Mohammed Bouyeri

Where did Mohammed (peace be upon his life-sentence) Bouyeri get all this stuff? Did he just make it up? If he got it from Islamic teachingsshould we “respect” his beliefs? If he respects the Prophet of Islam, does that make him a good guy?

But maybethe “moderate” Muslims are right.

Mohammed and Islam should be respected – in the full sense of the term!

To quoteErich Fromm:

To respect a person is not possible without knowing him; care and responsibility would be blind if they were not guided by knowledge

Which means we should all be saying a graat big …

Thank you, Ayaan!

We Will Not Submit T-shirt

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Robert Spencer begins blogging the Qur

The brilliant, Robert Spencer

One of my favorite writers on all things Islam, Robert Spencer, has just commenced a new seriesat Hot Aircalled blogging the Qur’an!

Robert Spencer will go through the whole Koran …

… over the course of the next few months, I’m going to read it, and discuss it in a series of columns. All of it. Not “cherry-picked” or “out of context.” The whole thing, beginning to end.

…I will …refer to commentaries – all Muslim ones – on the Qur’an. I’ll try to explain how mainstream Muslims who study the Qur’an will understand any given passage, and what its import might be for non-Muslims.

Highly recommended!

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Global Warming consensus begins melt-down

[photopress:al_gore.jpg,full,pp_image] [photopress:al_gore_meltdown.jpg,full,pp_image]
Let the Global Warming meltdown begin!

Many former believers in catastrophic man-made global warming have recently reversed themselves and are now climate skeptics

So writes, Marc Morano, Communications Director for the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works in an article reported by THINKER TO THINKER™ blog, PlanetMars.

Marc Morano

Marc Morano’s article is titled, Climate Momentum Shifting: Prominent Scientists Reverse Belief in Man-made Global Warming – Now Skepticsand lists an impressive array of experts who once were strong supporters of man-made global warming but who are now speaking out against it.

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Server down – 9AM Friday May 25 2007

One of the PRODOS servers has been down for the last 9 hours. This means mailing lists, chat room, and some campaign websites are currently not connecting.

Update -3.40 PM (Cincinnati time): Server is connecting again. Websites and chatroom connecting again. However, one campaign website is bringing up an older version, rather than the version I uploaded to it a few days ago. Bad news so far regarding mailing lists: They’re still not connecting. I’ve written again to the server technicians.

Update – 11.30 PM (Cincinnati time): Mailing lists seem to be working again. I just tested them.

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Carlos Mencia with a lesson in attitude

Click here to view this video

Here’s a short video of stand-up comedian, Carlos Mencia, doing a piece about dealing withthe taunts of an anti-American Middle Eastern guy who supports terrorism – including the destruction of the World Trade Center. This is my first exposure to this comedian.

Most interesting to me was the BIG positive audience response. What Carlos Mencia deals with in this clip is really about “attitude”. Instead of being “understanding” towards those who want to kill you, or apologetic for being American, Carlos fights fire with nukes.

The crowdloves it. I love it.

Update: I thought I’d do a quick transcript. It’s not 100% accurate. Crowd cheering made it difficult to hear clearly at times. But I think you’ll get the gist.

[a friend says to me] “Hey man, you should kinda chill on the Middle Eastern stuff.”

I said “What!?”

[Friend says] “You know they’re crazy, Carlos.”

[Carlos replies] “Shut up! You need to be a real American and read your history and know who you are and don’t be ashamed.”

Then this Middle Eastern guy overheard and goes, “Hey, you should listen to him.”

I said “What!? I wasn’t talking to you.”

[Middle Eastern guy] “Well, I’m just saying.”

[Carlos] “Well, I’m just saying. You wanna scare me? You don’t know who I am. I’m not white. I don’t apologise for what my country did to become great! You understand that? I know what they’ve done, and you don’t know me.”

[Middle Eastern guy] “Oh no, my people are crazy”

I said “Bitch, your people ain’t crazy. You don’t know what crazy is. My people are crazy. So you’d better rest assured that if you don’t chill you gonna get it. You understand me?”

And then he got pissed off and went “No, I don’t get it. You better remember, we blew up two of your buildings.”

[Carlos] “Oooh, and we blew up two of your [indicating quote marks] countries. You wanna play this game bitch?! You wanna [crowd noise obscures] against the USA, bitch?”

[crowd going wild] [back before] when he blew us up, the Blacks and the Hispanics and the White people would fight. But look at me. We’re united. We just fight with each other because we got nothing better to do and we like drama. But as soon as Ahmed blows something up, it was like “Blacky, Darky, Cracker, [ …. ] twin powers, activate! Get Aahmeeeed!! Aghhhhh” [crowd even wilder, cheering and whistling]

You don’t know me!

He goes “We have killed thousands of people”.

I’m like [camping it up] “We’ve killed millions.”

He goes, “My people are looking for an atomic bomb and when we get it we might just use it.”

“Oooh, [mocking] you’re looking for an atomic bomb and you might use it? Look at me you dumb, ignorant piece of [bleep]. My people do have those bombs that you seek. And guess what bitch, we already used them. Twice. And if you don’t believe me, call Japan. They’ll connect you with a man with three penises and five balls. That’s how we play the game baby!”

We just dropped two bombs, on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. And the name of the plane that delivered the weapons was Enola Gay. You know why? Because we wanted them to know they were about to get boned in the [bleep].

That’s how we play the game!



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Global Warming nothing but fear-mongering with no concrete evidence – biologist Josef Reichholf


Some excerpts from Speigal’s Olaf Stampf and Gerald Traufetter interview with Biologist, Josef Reicholf. . .

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USA here I come!

On Tuesday, my wife and I are heading off to the United Statesfor 6 weeks.

In Melbourne, registered CPL (Creative Project Leader) MP, will be running our International Capitalism Day event @ Laikon Restaurant(Sunday June 03).

I’ll be conducting a Capitalism Day event in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Update: Sydney Kendall will be the CPL for Cincinnati.

On our way back to Australia we’ll be stopping for a day or two in California – around July 08.

Love America! Love Americans! 🙂 All the Way with the USA!

Update: I’ll be without internet connection for a couple of days, while we’re in flight.

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Carbonocracy versus Capitalism


Matthew Warren‘s article in The Australian, Capitalism clears the air, is full of enthusiasm about how big business, market forces, and carbon emission credits [i.e. anti-market forces] will tackle global warming more efficiently, effectively, and innovatively than any government could.

In fact carbon “trading” represents a deep undermining of the free market – which is the whole point of it of course. It’s an attempt to tame (i.e. destroy) the free market.

The threat of climate change has been around for more than a decade; however, clouded by complex and uncertain science, it is only in the past few years, even months, that the inherent risks to business have been sheeted home.

At an intellectual level there is the risk of an unacceptably warm planet by the end of the century. But even more pressing is the growing risk of a high price on carbon emissions and the impact that may have on their competitiveness, even survival. Self-interest is a powerful motivator for change.

Whodetermines this “high price on carbon emissions”? It’s not the interaction of buyers and sellers, producers and consumers. It’s government, led by technocrats.

The world’s biggest corporations are currently falling over themselves to get in on this.

What we are seeing is the rise of the new Carbonocracy.

Those who are learning to play the Carbon Game, and profit by it. The Carbonocracy will be a global community of gutless, subservient corporations.

Carbon emissions”trading” and carbon credits are completely incompatible with Capitalism, free markets, and freedom.

The Business Council of Australia (BCA) is leading the charge on Green Dhimmitude. They just can’t get enough of it!

  • Make the scheme long-term (at least 30 years) to increase greenhouse gas emissions reduction and investor certainty;
  • Set both annual and long-term emissions reduction targets;
  • Include a first phase which involves the establishment of information collection and measurement and verification mechanisms for businesses and the secondary market;
  • Include as many greenhouse gases as possible;
  • Maximise the number of sectors that are included in the scheme. If it is not possible to include a particular sector, introduce policies which ensure commensurate emissions reductions in that sector;
  • Allow maximum offsets (national and international) to meet abatement targets;
  • Establish a ‘Reserve Bank-like’ permit issue authority;
  • Issue free permits to compensate enterprises for the economic loss from the change in the ‘rules of the game’;
  • Offset the competitiveness impact of the scheme on ‘trade-exposed’ industries for as long as necessary, providing transitional arrangements through the permit issue process;
  • Cap the price of permits and consider other relevant ‘safety valve’ mechanisms;
  • Ensure the scheme facilitates an active secondary market to provide a rising but reasonably stable forward permit price curve; and
  • Ensure effective governance structures that enable confidence in the market.

And they love being Green so much, they want to share it with the world.

While Australia is developing a national response, the BCA believes Australia can and should, through its international relationships and networks, push for the development of a far-reaching global market response.

PS: I consider the notion of man-made global warming to be a load of rot. Just in case you were wondering.

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Mikko Ellila article – Aapo Puhakka’s English translation confirmed as quite accurate!

Mikko Ellila (Ellilä) has written on this blog and on his own blog that Aapo Puhakka’s English translation of the originalSociety Consists of People was “awful” and “misleading”.

However, Kenneth Sikorski who is fluent in both English and Finnish has now proof-read Aapo’s translation and found it to be largely accurate with “very few discrepencies” between Aapo’s translation and Mikko’s original article.

Below, I provide Kenneth’s notes. As you’ll see, the corrections/adjustments are quite minimal and do NOT result in a different understanding of Mikko’s article.

First, here’s what Mikko wrote about the translation.

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Part 1: A careful examination of Mikko Ellila’s article, Society Consists of People

Update, Sunday June 10 2007, Cincinnati time: Mikko hasprovided an authorized English translation of his article, Society Consists of People, which I’ve posted HERE

Over several posts I will carefully examine,step-by-step,the reasoning and the claims made by Finnish blogger Mikko Ellila(also spelt:Ellilä and Ellilän) in his article “Society Consists of People” (See original in Finnish here, or English translation here.)

[By the way, Sydney Kendall is also doing a detailed analysis of the Mikko article. Highly recommended!]

Let’s get started ….

Society Consists of People
By Mikko Ellila

In the discussion of immigration and multiculturalism many people seem to forget, that every society and culture is created and upheld by certain kind of people.

European culture and modern western society is created by white people.

One could see in Africa societies and cultures created by black people, if there were no railroads, airplanes, streets with asphalt, stone houses, electricity, telephone, television, etc.

Even if it’strue that some or many or even most of the people who “created” modern Westernculturewere “white”. They were also many other things too.

Why is the “white” bit relevant?

Is “white” a distinguishing attribute? Or is there some more fundamental attribute/characteristic at work?

New concepts andnew ways of doing things, defining and defending and promoting freedom, and creating wealth are functions of independent, individual thinking.

Volition/Free Will has nothing to do with race or biology. All humans, regardless of race have inherent free will and therefore the capacity for creative thought.

Many of the best defenders of free speech and individual rights today are not “white”.

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