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Month: September 2007

Atlas Shrugged movie stalled but for good reasons

[photopress:angelina_jolie_02.jpg,full,pp_image] has a brief interview with Angelina Jolie who is to star in the Atlas Shrugged movie if and when it finally gets made.

[Angelina Jolie] had a little more to say about the adaptation of Atlas Shrugged, which is moving forward very slowly, despite having the Plan B powerhouse of Pitt and Jolie behind it.

Angelina told me that the project is still on the table, but “the thing with Atlas is just, we all feel that it’s one of those projects where if you can’t do it right, you really can’t touch it. So we have not had all the pieces come together.

There’s not been a director that’s right to come on, or all of those elements. So until it does, you know, I certainly don’t want to be a part of something that’s just put together to hit ‘this date.'”

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Albert Park by-election

Prodos Marinakis, independent candidate, Albert Park by-election

Information on the Albert Park by-election (which was held last Saturday, September 15, 2007) along with the official results, and some notes on my policies is available at

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Discover Capitalism: Success of private education across the Third World

James Tooley, E. G. West Centre, England

Notice of this Monday’s Discover Capitalism meeting in Melbourne, Australia . . .

From: Prodos, Ph: 9428 1234, 0421 221 679

Dear Friends,

Good evening!


Next week – and possibly beyond – Discover Capitalism™ will be meeting on MONDAY (instead of Tues).

Venue: Grace Food & Wine
306 Bridge Road, Richmond
(opposite the Richmond Town Hall)


This Monday evening we’ll have a look at some of the work of Dr James Tooley of the England-based E. G. West Centre, studying the success stories in non-state funded education across the Third World.

Time: Formal meeting commences at 7.30 PM (sharp) and finishes at 9.30 PM (sharp).

I’ll be there … from around 6.30 PM to set up and have a meal, if you’d care to join me. Otherwise food and drinks, and sweets WILL be available throughout the evening.

– – –

The Financial Times, reports on James Tooley’s work

Almost everybody knows that governments cannot
run factories, farms or shops. But many people
still expect them to do a first-rate job of
delivering education. They are deluded.
Poor parents have realised this already.
They have also done something about it, as
James Tooley … has discovered.

… Prof Tooley has already found that private
schools for the poor perform far better than their
public counterparts, to the chagrin of fond believers
in the honesty and devotion of public sector

He has shown that private schools have lower
teacher absenteeism, lower costs and better
results than public competitors.

This superiority is, without doubt, because they
are accountable to parents, not idle functionaries
and indifferent politicians.

– – –

James Tooley, writing in the Sunday Times:

Bob Geldof and Bono rave about how an extra
1m-plus children are now enrolled in primary
school in Kenya. All these children, the
accepted wisdom goes, have been saved by the
benevolence of the international community – which
must give $7 to $8 billion (�3.8 to �4.4 billion)
per year more so that other countries can
emulate Kenya’s success.

The accepted wisdom is wrong.

It ignores the remarkable reality that the poor
in Africa have not been waiting, helplessly, for
the munificence of pop stars and western chancellors to ensure that their children get a decent education.

Private schools for the poor have emerged in huge
numbers in some of the most impoverished slums
and villages in Africa. They cater for a majority of
poor children and outperform government schools,
for a fraction of the cost.

– – –

It would be a pleasure to see you and think with you on MONDAY, so I hope you’ll be able to make it along!


Best Wishes,


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