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Month: October 2007

Ari Fleischer a modern day Moses leading the Jews out of Democratic Party bondage


Webutante (pictured above) writes about attending a recent gathering sponsored by the Republican Jewish Coalition, with guest speaker Ari Fleischer – former White House Press Secretary and now involved with

Ari Fleischer:

… In my business, it’s all about making inroads … No doubt about it, getting the Jewish vote out of the Democratic party and into the Republicans is a slow steady inroad we’re making every year, every election. And we’ve only just begun.

… We’re finally understanding the real threat that Islamic extremism represents to the United States, Israel and the rest of the free world.

There’s no such thing as peace without 100% strength.


Fleischer recalled the United States’ first wars against Islamic fundamentalism, The Barbary Wars, in the early 1800’s when then President Thomas Jefferson refused to continue paying bribes to Muslim pirates in the Mediterranean.

Both the George Washington and John Adams Administrations had made bribery payments from the U.S. Treasury in hopes that our ships would not be attacked, robbed and destroyed off the coast of Tripoli. But to no avail.

Ari Fleischer:

Jefferson said no more to Islamic bribery after repeated attacks on our ships and declared war, sent in the Marines and won that war, just like President Bush after 9-11.

Strength is the only thing the terrorists will ever understand.

One of the most profound moments I remember in the White House was when President Bush asked Eli Wiesel if he thought America should remove Saddam Hussein from Iraq.

Mr. Vizel was adamant that the West could have averted World War II and saved millions of lives, if only it had taken Hitler seriously early on, rather than trying to appease him.

I strongly believe our country and the world is a great deal better off because Saddam and his sons are now gone. We didn’t find WMDs as we had expected, but that in no way diminishes the importance of what we’ve done and will continue to do in Iraq. The world is a safer place because America and Israel have acted.

… George Bush is without a doubt the best friend Israel and the Jews have ever had.


May Israel Prevail!

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Paul Kelly says Kevin Rudd elusive and contradictory on policies

Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd (Australian Labor Party)

Paul Kelly’s article in the latest Weekend Australian Magazine (Kevin Rudd Up Close and Personal, Oct 27/28 2007 – not currently available online) presents a sympathetic personal portrayal of Australian Labor Party Opposition Leader, Kevin Rudd.

In its closing paragraphs, however, we come to the issue of Rudd’s approach to policies:

On policy Rudd is careful, elusive and contradictory.

He likes to purchase policy options across the spectrum – so he is both pro-business and pro-unions, he is for government intervention and for free markets, he is for quitting Iraq and staying in Iraq, he is for abolishing WorkChoices but wants workplace flexibility.

A policy wonk and populist, Rudd rejects Howard as yesterday’s man but keeps most of Howard’s policy.

Who is the real Kevin Rudd? [ … ]

Paul Kelly goes into all sorts of detail about the things that show how nice and likeable and trustworthyKevin Rudd is as an individual.

But what would cause such a supposedly sterling fellow to be so “elusive and contradictory” when it comes to his profession – his profession asa politician -a politicianwho is askingAustralians to make him the next Prime Minister?

What sort of “elusive and contradictory” … ehm … “New Leadership” … is Rudd offering?

I wonder!



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Ayn Rand Lexicon now available online


A powerful resource for those interested in studying and checking out what Ayn Rand and Objectivism are really about.

The Ayn Rand Lexicon is not commentary about Ayn Rand or her philosophy, Objectivism. Itconsists ofdirect quotes from Ayn Randand some ofthose works which she directly endorsed.

The debate on Ayn Rand’s ideas will continue.Good! But there’ll be little excuse to misquote or misrepresent those views.

And for those writing from an Objectivist perspective, now you can hypertext link the terminology you use.

But the greatest value of all, and the greatest fun of all is the application of the Lexicon as a study tool.

I’ve had my own hard copy of this publication since it first came out, and it’s gotten plenty of use!

A couple of examples from the Ayn Rand Lexicon

From one of the entries under “altruism”:

There are two moral questions which altruism lumps together into one “package-deal”:

(1) What are values?

(2) Who should be the beneficiary of values?

Altruism substitutes the second for the first; it evades the task of defining a code of moral values, thus leaving man, in fact, without moral guidance.

Altruism declares that any action taken for the benefit of others is good, and any action taken for one’s own benefit is evil. Thus the beneficiary of an action is the only criterion of moral value—and so long as that beneficiary is anybody other than oneself, anything goes.

One of the entries under “property rights” ….

The right to agree with others is not a problem in any society; it is the right to disagree that is crucial.

It is the institution of private property that protects and implements the right to disagree—and thus keeps the road open to man’s most valuable attribute (valuable personally, socially, and objectively): the creative mind.

Even these two examples, I think, highlight both the uniqueness of Ayn Rand’s take on ideas, as well as the Aristotelian/Enlightenment tradition of which she is a part.

Hat tip to Zigory.


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Kevin Rudd’s New Leadership of Variable Absolutes

Hat tip to Ron Manners for this YouTube video – a spoof of Kevin Rudd (leader of the Australian Labor Party) and his rise to power through the philosophy of Variable Absolutes.

Click here to enjoy

Note: Includes English subtitles, translated from Chinese.




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John Stossel YouTube video exposes Gorey brainwashing


Click here to watch a brief YouTube video of John Stossel exposing the myth that human caused global warming is an established fact.

John Stossel shows how children are being brainwashed and conditioned to fear the big bad boogy warmers by their schools.


Then there’s Al Gore receiving his Oscar and other awards for An Inconvenient Truth.


And Al Gore telling us all:


The debate is over.


Thanks to the likes of John Stossel, Steve Milloy, and others it may be only just warming up.

Let’s hope.

Hunting down that Green Poppycock

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Discover Capitalism: Benevolent nature of Capitalism, Thomas Sowell on Iraq

At yesterday’s Discover Capitalism ™ meeting we studied …

… George Reisman’s essay on the Benevolent Nature of Capitalism, and …

… Thomas Sowell’s 3 “Mugged by Reality” essays (#1, #2, #3) about Iraq and the USA.

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I HATE PRODOS site launched

Just launched the new I HATE PRODOS website.

As well as providing a range of glow-in-the-dark t-shirts in Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s sizes, plus shopping bags, it has a nice collection of items that attack, slander, slime, smear, and misrepresent yours truly.

Please do let me know if you come across more material that I can add to the site.

I’ll write a bit more about the i hate prodos site soon.

In the meantime, dive into the sewers of the living dead and enjoy the hatefest!

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