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Month: January 2008

Boring updates: Database errors on several PRODOS sites

Earlier today, about a dozen PRODOS project sites, including started displaying an error message related to the database.

The THINKER TO THINKER ™ blogs do not seem to be affected.

I’m currently investigating the matter.

This is not related to the new server mentioned earlier, as we’re still on the old server.

Update: Robert Redl of Vienna, Austria (whom I recommend highly as a coder and troubleshooter)has fixed the problem.

I’ve “xxxx”-ed out some of it, but the error message was:

user warning: Can’t create/write to file ‘/tmp/#sql_6528_0.MYD’ (Errcode: 17) query: SELECT DISTINCT(p.perm) FROM role r INNER JOIN permission p ON p.rid = r.rid WHERE r.rid IN (1) in /home/xxxxxxxxxxxx/public_html/includes/ on line 121.

The solution, as explained by Robert:


in the /tmp temoprary directory a mysql file was damaged. After removing it and restarting the mysql server the mysql blocking messages are OK now.

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Tom Delay criticizes Ron Paul on War and capacity to govern


Tom Delay says:

“Ron Paul, I disagree with on the War on Terror”

… in his interview with PajamasMedia’s Richard Miniter.

The former Republican Party, House Majority Leader also says:

  • I’m not as libertarian as Ron Paul is … but
  • he is a conscience and he stands for his principles.
  • He can’t govern because he doesn’t understand (governing?) …
  • I’ve served with and been with Ron Paul for almost 30 years so I know him probably better than anyone else other than his wife …
  • he’s appealing to the libertarian part of the Party …

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John Howard receives American Enterprise Institute Award


A worthy man for a worthy award.

Press release from the AEI

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