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Month: February 2008

I support Sophie Mirabella


Do you support Sophie’s refusal to say sorry?

Then join the “I SUPPORT SOPHIE” campaign list: click here.

Show your support for Liberal Party parliamentarian, Sophie Mirabella, who stated her reasons for boycotting Sorry Day, Wednesday February 13 as follows …

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Sophie Mirabella’s rude reality vs Kevin Rudd’s Dreamtime


Australian Liberal Party parliamentarian, Sophie Mirabella, yesterday spoke in parliament, criticising Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s “We are sorry, We are sorry, We are sorry” (enough already!) speech – its flimsy foundations, its meaningless meaning, and its fraught future.

Read her full speech HERE.

I don’t agree with all her points, but it’s refreshing to find a politician who isn’t cringing and grovelling in the radiant fog that is Rudd.

On Black Wednesday, February 13, prior to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s speech, a group of Aborigines, “the traditional owners of the land,” referring, presumably, to this most pleasant little place …

… opened the Parliament and welcomed Mr Rudd “to the land of our ancestors.”

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Does Ron Paul trust dictatorships? Do you trust Ron Paul?

At the 19th Arab League Summit

In his December 7, 2005 speech – The Blame Game – before the US House of Representatives, Ron Paul said:

The Arab League needs to assume a lot more responsibility for the mess that our invasion [of Iraq] has caused. We need to get out of the way and let them solve their own problems.

The Arab League consists of 22 member states, including Palestine.

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Report This Post punctures Ron Paul

[photopress:ron_paul_blimp.jpg,full,pp_image] examines the following 3 Ron Paul items:

  • Paul claims that a secret conspiracy composed of the Security and Prosperity Partnership and a cabal of foreign companies is behind plans to build a NAFTA Superhighway as the first step toward creating a North American Union.But the NAFTA Superhighway that Paul describes is a myth, and the groups supposedly behind the plans are neither secret nor nefarious.[Also check on this issue.]
  • Paul says that the U.S. spends $1 trillion per year to maintain a foreign empire and suggests that we could save that amount by cutting foreign spending.Paul gets that figure by including a lot of domestic programs that he isn’t planning to cut, like the U.S. Border Patrol and interest payments on the debt.
  • Paul has run television ads touting an endorsement from Ronald Reagan, but he fails to mention that, in 1988, Paul wanted “to totally disassociate” himself from the Reagan administration. also comments on a brief post at Ron Paul fansite,

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Archbishop of Canterbury getting his head around Sharia

The Archbishop of Canterbury: Let’s try some Sharia!

The recent speech by Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, about allowing British Law to get just a little pregnant with Sharia Law …

There’s a place for finding what would be a constructive accommodation with some aspects of Muslim law …

… is just the tip of the iceberg. The Archbishop is a real piece of work and no friend of moral principles – let alone Christianity.

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Freemasons: PRODOS Now a Master Mason

Last night at the Hearts of Oak Lodge in Brighton (Victoria, Australia) I successfully completed my initiation to 3rd Degree (“Master Mason”).

A special thanks to Andy Warner and Solon Photios for their support and assistance.

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Boring updates: THINKER TO THINKER blogs can now embed YouTube videos

Just added a new module/plugin to THINKER TO THINKER™ blogs to allow embedding of YouTube videos.

Created flash tutorial HERE.

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Boring updates: Blog system has now been migrated to new server

The THINKER TO THINKER™ blog system has now been moved to a shiny new, bigger, better server.

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