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Month: September 2008

Rush Limbaugh: Sara Palin is a breath of fresh air

Todd and Sarah Palin

CLICK HERE to listen to Rush Limbaugh explain on Fox News how Sara Palin is a “breath of fresh air.”

Rush Limbaugh:

Have you ever asked … your average run-of-the-mill politician, “Why do you want to be President … Why do you want to be a member of Congress?”

He proceeds to caricature the usual pseudo high and mighty answer given by the usual politician. Then he recalls the answer Governor Palin gave:

Characterizing Sara Palin’s response:

“Because my school was screwed up and I needed to get to the PTA to help my kids”

Rush observes:

She takes the complex [and] she makes it understandable …

About politicians:

… she threatens Washington because those people [politicians] like for us to think their jobs are very complicated, very complex. And we ask them questions about how they do what they do and they come back with answers that are hard to decipher.

But with Palin:

… she – flat out – can tell people why she’s doing what she’s doing, why she wants to do what she wants to do, why she’s done what she did.

Sarah Palin and John McCain

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Anne Coulter misreads General George Washington


As easy on the eyes as she may be, I rarely read Anne Coulter (pictured above). But I wanted to see how she defended Sarah Palin.

So I followed THIS LINK to WorldNetDaily to find out.

I was appalled to read the following by Anne Coulter …

That summer, in 1776, Gen. George Washington – a charter member of the Founding Fathers – rallied his troops, saying: “The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves. … The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of the army.”

So Washington not only used the phrase “under God,” but gave us one of the earliest known references to the rights of the “unborn.” That’s right! George Washington was a “pro-life extremist,” just like Sarah Palin.

It may well be the case that Washington was anti-abortion. I don’t know, and I don’t know who does.

But I’m pretty sure the above-quoted statement by Washington was NOT a reference to or defense of fetuses or embryos, or that General George Washington was in any way motivated at the time of making this speech by any desire to prevent abortions.

The termunborn” can certainly be used to refer to fetuses and embryos.

But it is also used to refer to “future” – not yet born – as in not even yet existing within a womb. As a reference to generations to come, perhaps centuries or more into the future. Not even alive yet in any sense – not physically conceived. The context of Washington’s statement is clearly this line of meaning.

Elsewhere in my reading of George Washington’s letters – and those of the other Founding Fathers – it is clear that they did not consider the ideals for which they fought as relating just to Americans. They considered them to rest on Universal truths and principles that were valid for all people, everywhere, for all time.

The “unborn millions” are the future generations – of Americans and probably of others. They are not the “about to be born” (provided they’re not aborted).

(Note: There is also another, far less common meaning of the term unborn: “existing without birth or beginning”)

Furthermore, I’m not convinced that Christianity, the Old Testament, or the New Testament prohibit abortion.

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An American Carol: Spoof of Michael Moore

Fox News presenter, Bill O’Reilly, gets a cameo appearance in “An American Carol” – the forthcoming film send-up of Michael Moore, and starring Kevin P Farley as “Michael Malone” who sets out to eliminate the Fourth of July.

Also stars General Patton, President Kennedy, and a large cast of Mohammeds.

Here’s O’Reilly presenting the trailer:


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Heading back to Australia

Offline for a few days as we fly back to Oz.

Tim Warner and Anna Blainey Warner visited Barboo and Prodos in Cincinnati

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