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Month: March 2009

Theory of Elementary Waves forum re-started

The Theory of Elementary Waves, by Lewis Little

The Theory of Elementary Waves, by Lewis Little

In collaboration with Dr Lewis Little, I’ve re-started TEWLIP, the forum for studying and discussing Dr Little’s Theory of Elementary Waves, which deals with Quantum and Relativity physics.

To register for the forum: TEWLIP.COM

To purchase or find out more about Lewis Little’s new book, The Theory of Elementary Waves: A New Explanation of Fundamental Physics CLICK HERE

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Boring Updates: Server migration completed

The move to the new server and the closing down of the old server has finally been completed.

A big thanks to Robert Redl of Austria and Davide Villani of Italy for their great help in managing this very challenging job.

I’m looking forward to now resuming more productive activities.

Several sites have been placed in maintenance mode for now.

This week all newsletters were delivered via the new server and the new mailing list system (Free World Express).

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Boring Updates: Mailing list system migration completed

The Free World Express™ mailing list/email newsletter service has now been converted to a modified version of  PHPLIST and moved to the new server.

We were using OemPro before which offers many more features. But I found their tech support incredibly unreliable.

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