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Month: September 2010

Grooming Little Green Jihadists

A Greenpeace video legitimizing and instilling the mass-killer’s nihilist mindset.

Not just in children, but in those who can say “we did it for the children”.

The video, including the script, was created by adults. The child appeared with the blessing and approval of his proud parents.

The child incorrectly states that “this Global Warming” is caused by things that grown-ups do.

The child refers to supposed scientific reports which he is unable to understand or assess, but which he states “proves beyond a doubt” the truth of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

“This Global Warming is caused by things you grown-ups do, and by the things you don’t …  I may just be a kid today, but tomorrow will be different …” followed by ultimatums and threats.

I suppose some day this child will be a grown-up and have children of his own. Will those children appreciate the destruction and misery caused by their stupid, brainwashed Greenpeace Daddies and Mummies?

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Ground Zero Mosque: A 15-story middle finger to America

Thomas Sowell writes:

There is no question that Muslims have a right to build a mosque where they chose to. The real question is why they chose that particular location, in a country that covers more than 3 million square miles.

If we all did everything that we have a legal right to do, we could not even survive as individuals, much less as a society.

So the question is whether those who are planning a Ground Zero mosque want to be part of American society or just to see how much they can get away with in American society?

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Do you understand Islam better than Anjem Choudary?

He says  ….

You can’t say that Islam is a religion of peace because “Islam” – it does not mean “peace” … Islam means … is “submission” … the Muslim is the one who submits … there’s a place for violence in Islam, there’s a place for Jihad in Islam

… the Koran is full of – you know – Jihad is the most talked about duty in the Koran after Tawhid – belief. Nothing else is mentioned more than the topic of fighting.

YouTube was at: … but no longer online.

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