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Month: January 2011

Aussie Film Societies being groomed for autocratic leadership

Warning: Do not watch if you are offended by the “f-word”, which is used throughout this 4 minute satire.

Here is my short Xtranormal film representing the undemocratic, autocratic, and farcical manner in which the executive of ACOFS (Australian Council of Film Societies) has approached “consultation” with Aussie film societies, towards its Masterplan of centralisation and nationalisation.

The current ACOFS Executive consists of:

  • Bryan Putt – President – Victoria
  • Michael O’Rouke – Vice President – NSW
  • Eric Dixon – Secretary – Victoria
  • Mark Horner – Treasurer – Tasmania
  • Michael Lines-Kelly – New South Wales
  • Paul Sofilas – Western Australia

Any resemblance between the above individuals and the “Autocratic Nazi Butthead” in the film is, of course, purely coincidental.

Transcript …

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PRODOS Film Study Group presents THE SOVIET STORY

Presented with the permission of Perry Street Advisors. Special thanks to Daris Delins.


Date: Monday January 31, 2011

Venue: Hollywood Palace cafe, 179 Bridge Road, Richmond

6.30 PM: Nick the Chef is away for a few weeks. Souvlakis, Hamburgers, Toasted sandwiches, chips, etc. available all night.

7.30 PM: Commencement of Film + Chaired discussion.

Who: Only registered PRODOS Film Study Group members and guests of members allowed. You can apply to join on the night. To join you need to agree with our purpose and pay the $5 annual fee.

Policy: Leaving straight after a film and therefore skipping the discussion goes against one of the conditions upon which our permission to screen these films is based.

9.45 PM: End of meeting.

Cost: No charge. But if you’d like to make a personal donation to Prodos that’s greatly appreciated. (But please NEVER miss out just because you’re short of cash. We want you with us!)


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