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Andrew Landeryou scoops my Lib pre-selection application

I just found out that controversial Australian blogger and mega-stirrer, Andrew Landeryou, already knows that I’ve just nominated for Liberal Party Pre-selection for Melbourne for the forthcoming Federal election!

I’m impressed.

Here’s the article

Colourful internet identity Prodos is throwing his hat into the ring for Liberal preselection for the federal seat of Melbourne.

Previously he has been persuaded to withdraw but to paraphrase the great English Prime Minister, this time this Prodos is not for turning.

Sources close to the behatted one declare that he will not withdraw under any circumstances and even if the chieftains of 104 Exhibition Street look like prevailing, he’ll be pressing on regardless to make his point.

We understand that he will be opposed by an Owen Dixon (not the former Chief Justice who died in 1971 presumably).

Prodos seems like a good stick, an unusual person in politics who actually thinks about his political philosophy rather deeply. Political parties don’t generally reward such folk which is why in ALP circles it’s sometimes quite a surprise to hear a strong view about something where there’s no internal agenda just a sincerely held opinion, like Conroy and Fiona Richardson against uranium mining or Tanner in favour of really open markets with much less government red tape on foreign investment. Unpredictable views are all too rare.

And Prodos isn’t so much unpredictable as consistent philosophically, which is even rarer. Good luck to him, he’ll need it.

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  1. Good evening “Team Slanderyou” (!!).

    I’m impressed that he knew about it before it was announced by anyone.

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  2. Ralph Buttigieg

    May 6, 2007 at 12:12 am


    Some free advice. Get a hair cut and please, please, don’t sing!

    Good luck


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