Michael Darby, Liberal Party of Australia

I’m in the USA at present and just received an email from a Liberal Party colleague that my good friend, fellow Liberal Party of Australia member, and SOLID VOX presenter, Michael Darby has just been suspended from the Party for two years!

Presumably for appearing on ABC TV show Four Corners.

It’s been alleged by the Party that this was somehow in breach of the Party’s Constitution. How?

I don’t have more details yet but, other than the fact that Four Corners put a lot of work into trying to portray Michael as some sort of shady behind-the-scenes power-broker, I found nothing in that interview which could be considered a breach of the Party’s Constitution.

I’ve known and worked with Michael on several projects over theyears.

He’s been a guest speaker at the Melbourne-based DISCOVER CAPITALISM meetings which I organise.

He has supported the worldwide Celebrate Capitalism campaign since it began in 2001.

He recently joined my SOLID VOX internet radio network.

He has stood by me through difficult times. He has never hesitated to join or support any cause that might advance liberty in Australia.

Sure there are areas on which we disagree.

But I consider Michael Darbya True Friend and a True Blue Aussie.

And one of this country’s most serious defenders of Liberty.

I stand by Michael Darby.

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