Doctor, Heal Thyself. Luke 4:23

Doctor, Heal Thyself. Luke 4:23

I noted in an earlier post that Dr Ben Carson claimed to quote Lenin on socialized medicine and even bragged that:

How could anybody bring up something like that? I would say, if you know anything about history, how could you not bring it up?

But a phantom quote is not history. History is what happened. Phantom quotes never happened.

In a recent Washington Times article, Dr Carson mentions the quote but does not correct his earlier error:

Instead, he states:

A statement ascribed to Vladimir Lenin and widely disseminated in 1948 by the American Medical Association, implies that the establishment of government control over health care is foundational to the creation of the socialist state. The exact quote: “Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state.”

There is controversy as to whether Lenin used these exact words, but the larger point is that he and his followers certainly subscribed to the philosophy symbolized by these words.

Oh come on!

The even larger point is: Take responsibility for errors in scholarship. That way we can trust the next claim you make.

There is no “controversy” about whether or not Lenin used these “exact words”.

There is no record that he used those words or anything close enough to those words to make Ben Carson’s phantom quoting a reasonable paraphrasing.

To side-step the error by invoking a “larger point” — suggesting that it’s kinda true anyway, so who cares — is playing fast and loose with historical accuracy while bragging about one’s historical knowledge.

How is this different from Hillary Clinton’s “What difference does it make?




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