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Boring Updates: Server migration completed

The move to the new server and the closing down of the old server has finally been completed.

A big thanks to Robert Redl of Austria and Davide Villani of Italy for their great help in managing this very challenging job.

I’m looking forward to now resuming more productive activities.

Several sites have been placed in maintenance mode for now.

This week all newsletters were delivered via the new server and the new mailing list system (Free World Express).

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  1. Walter Haxton

    Is this the site for boring updates now? I miss capitalism/freedom. It is really hard to run my live when I have to wait on the State all of the time.
    They are working on new ways to shut credit down in my country. The flimflam salesmen in government want to run everything and can’t even run their own lives.
    The whole country is falling apart. 6% decline in 1/4 of a year and they say that things are getting better. I guess when everything stops we will be in socialist heaven.
    That is not my idea of better. All regulations must be repealed. Yes all of them. People will create better ways of protection very fast if they are gone. Then we can have fast growth of the economy.
    The principal of regulation must be abolished.

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