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Here’s a short video of stand-up comedian, Carlos Mencia, doing a piece about dealing withthe taunts of an anti-American Middle Eastern guy who supports terrorism – including the destruction of the World Trade Center. This is my first exposure to this comedian.

Most interesting to me was the BIG positive audience response. What Carlos Mencia deals with in this clip is really about “attitude”. Instead of being “understanding” towards those who want to kill you, or apologetic for being American, Carlos fights fire with nukes.

The crowdloves it. I love it.

Update: I thought I’d do a quick transcript. It’s not 100% accurate. Crowd cheering made it difficult to hear clearly at times. But I think you’ll get the gist.

[a friend says to me] “Hey man, you should kinda chill on the Middle Eastern stuff.”

I said “What!?”

[Friend says] “You know they’re crazy, Carlos.”

[Carlos replies] “Shut up! You need to be a real American and read your history and know who you are and don’t be ashamed.”

Then this Middle Eastern guy overheard and goes, “Hey, you should listen to him.”

I said “What!? I wasn’t talking to you.”

[Middle Eastern guy] “Well, I’m just saying.”

[Carlos] “Well, I’m just saying. You wanna scare me? You don’t know who I am. I’m not white. I don’t apologise for what my country did to become great! You understand that? I know what they’ve done, and you don’t know me.”

[Middle Eastern guy] “Oh no, my people are crazy”

I said “Bitch, your people ain’t crazy. You don’t know what crazy is. My people are crazy. So you’d better rest assured that if you don’t chill you gonna get it. You understand me?”

And then he got pissed off and went “No, I don’t get it. You better remember, we blew up two of your buildings.”

[Carlos] “Oooh, and we blew up two of your [indicating quote marks] countries. You wanna play this game bitch?! You wanna [crowd noise obscures] against the USA, bitch?”

[crowd going wild] [back before] when he blew us up, the Blacks and the Hispanics and the White people would fight. But look at me. We’re united. We just fight with each other because we got nothing better to do and we like drama. But as soon as Ahmed blows something up, it was like “Blacky, Darky, Cracker, [ …. ] twin powers, activate! Get Aahmeeeed!! Aghhhhh” [crowd even wilder, cheering and whistling]

You don’t know me!

He goes “We have killed thousands of people”.

I’m like [camping it up] “We’ve killed millions.”

He goes, “My people are looking for an atomic bomb and when we get it we might just use it.”

“Oooh, [mocking] you’re looking for an atomic bomb and you might use it? Look at me you dumb, ignorant piece of [bleep]. My people do have those bombs that you seek. And guess what bitch, we already used them. Twice. And if you don’t believe me, call Japan. They’ll connect you with a man with three penises and five balls. That’s how we play the game baby!”

We just dropped two bombs, on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. And the name of the plane that delivered the weapons was Enola Gay. You know why? Because we wanted them to know they were about to get boned in the [bleep].

That’s how we play the game!

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