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PRODOS Film Study Group: Andrew Klavan on Conservative Fiction in American Literary Culture

For the enlightenment, advancement, and inspiration of its members


Proudly presents

With the kind permission of

David Horowitz TV

A recently filmed talk in which

Andrew Klavan


Conservative Fiction
in American Literary Culture

+ + PLUS + +

Several short films, presented with the kind permission of Reason TV about:

The Atlas Shrugged Movie

(Including an interview with New Zealand actor Grant Bowler, who plays Hank Rearden)

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An American Carol: Spoof of Michael Moore

Fox News presenter, Bill O’Reilly, gets a cameo appearance in “An American Carol” – the forthcoming film send-up of Michael Moore, and starring Kevin P Farley as “Michael Malone” who sets out to eliminate the Fourth of July.

Also stars General Patton, President Kennedy, and a large cast of Mohammeds.

Here’s O’Reilly presenting the trailer:


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