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SOLID VOX: The Zigory Show interviews composer, M. Zachary Johnson

This is a very interesting interview that Greg Zeigerson has done with M. Zachary Johnson. It probes the way this unique composer approaches his music and many of the concepts which shape his thinking. I believe that M. Zachary Johnson is an Objectivist. He certainly seems to have a thorough understanding of Ayn Rand’s ideas on Esthetics.

Composer, M Zachary Johnson

Greg Zeigerson is one of the new SOLID VOX presenters and this is his second interview. His work is outstanding: He’s well researched and covers issues that he’s personally, deeply interested in. And that makes GREAT radio! 🙂

His podcast show is @

His blog is @

Do recommend this interview to others!

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Adam Smith Club dinner: Access Card NO WAY

My wife and I attended the Australian Adam Smith Club dinner last Monday to hear Tim Warner argue why he was opposed to the “Access Card”.

To visit Tim’s campaign site,, click here.

On the night, Sydney/Barboo and I also presented a short, humorous song I wrote in support of the campaign. I’ll record it and provide a link shortly.

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New PRODOS song: “(I feel so) Capitalissimo!”

Today, I finished writing a new song to be used for both the Celebrate Capitalism™ campaign and the BARBOOLABONG project.

I plan to record a demo of it tomorrow.

[It’s now “tomorrow” … here’s a rough demo -> click here]

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New PRODOS Song: “We Invite the World!”

I’ve recently written a new song called “We Invite the World!” for the Celebrate Capitalismâ„¢ campaign and for supporters of freedom, creativity, and capitalism. Continue reading

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