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Greg Sheridan on Peter Costello as dishonourable wrecker

Notwithstanding the views of Peter Coleman, Greg Sheridan today presented a devastating criticism of Peter Costello – the former Federal Treasurer and close collaborator of Michael Kroger:

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The Party Peters

Yesterday, we looked at what “power broker” Michael Kroger was offering the Liberal Party: The gift of more power for himself and his friends.

Well, his is not the only view.

There are other Liberals with other views. At least two of them, anyway.

One isthat ofPeter Coleman. The other, of Peter Dutton.

Let’s have a quick look at the offerings of these two Peters and then conclude with a rhyme.

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Michael Kroger’s slick dictatorial masterplan for the Liberal Party

Following the decisive defeat of the Liberal Party at last Saturday’s Australian federal election, Liberal Party “power broker” (whatever that means),Michael Kroger, was quoted in today’s The Australian offering his “solution” to the problems of the Liberal Party.

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Prophetic insights miss the Mark, Luke, and Matthew

In my interview with Danny Nalliah of Catch The Fire Ministries, Danny said:

20 min 55 sec:
Well, I believe with all my heart believe … that the Prime Minister will be re-elected to government. And also that the Federal Treasurer would be handed over the leadership.

21 min 32 sec:
Now this was something I knew because God spoke to me and told me very clearly a few days prior to the meeting with John Howard and Peter Costello – as to what was going to be the future of this country in the next election.

And that we should pray for righteous leaders to lead this country because the word of God says righteousness exalts a nation.

I also note that Catch The Fire also has an article, dated November 20, 2007 (4 days before the Federalelection in which the Howard government was slaughtered by Labor)on its website, titled Kenneth Copeland a Leading Prophetic Voice in the World Predicts PM John Howards Re-Election, which states:

God’s man in Australia [referring to John Howard] stood up and publicly declared Australia a Christian nation!

[Allegedly quoting Mr Howard] “If you want to come here and join us in our Christian faith you are welcome here but don’t think you can come in here and try and force some other religion here on us and don’t think you are going to tell us how to believe God and who we are going to worship.”

He publicly did that, now this is no time for that man to be defeated. Well he’s not going to be. Amen. He is Lord to the glory of God the Father. He is Lord to the glory of God the Father. He is Lord over Australia! It has been announced! Amen.

I’m not aware of Mr Howard ever having made such a statement.

Regarding the above quote, I note thatCatch The Fire blogger,Office 2, is supposed to be quoting Col Stringer who in turn is supposed to be quoting Kenneth Copeland who in turn is supposed to be quoting John Howard.

This is pretty messystuff, to put it mildly.

Danny Nalliah has doneoutstanding and heroicwork in defending free speech. His defence of free speech has notrelied onthe sorts ofdubious (again, that’s putting it mildly) “prophetic insights” exemplified above.

It can be time-consuming and tedious work separating the good from the bad from the ridiculous when understanding or judging an individual.

It’s wrong to de-legitimise the good work of an individual by clumping it together with his flawed work.

Equally, it’s wrong to ignore or gloss over the mistakes or sins of an individual because we admire him.

The truth is the Whole Truth.

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Labor Party victory

Congratulations to the Labor Party on its impressive win in the Australian Federal election.

I saw firsthand what powerful campaigners the Labor Party were when I ran as an independent in the Albert Park by-election a few months ago. Labor womped it in back then with Martin Foley and his team.

And Kevin Rudd had done it for Federal Labor tonight.

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SOLID VOX interview: Why did Danny do it?


Click here to listen or download this interview
(4.5 MB mp3 )

PRODOS interviews thecontroversial PastorDanny Nalliah of Catch The Fire Ministries.

Topics covered include:

  • Why, in October 2005,Danny Nalliahacceptedan invitationto address the holocaust-denying Australian League of Rights
  • He sets the record straight about what did and did not happen at that meeting -including with regards toa questionput to him about theHolocaust,from the founder of the anti-Semitic Adelaide Institute
  • Why he’d be happy toattend such a meetingagain even though he believes 100% in the Holocaust, supports Israel, and even has an Israel flag in his office.
  • The Christian missionary tradition of the last 2,000 years and how his actions are consistent with the teachings of Jesus
  • About his meeting with Prime Minister John Howard
  • Why he supports John Howard and Peter Costello, and is critical of Labor Party leader, Kevin Rudd
  • Why hediffers with Colin Rubenstein and possibly other Jews regarding dealing with the likes of the League of Rights.
  • And much more!

I didn’t ask Danny Nalliah this question, butI wonder what he’d reply: What would Jesus have done?

If Jesus Christ had been invited to address a group such as the League of Rights, would he have accepted or declined?

If he accepted, on what basis would he do so?

If he refused, on what basis would he do so?

Christianity isn’t new. It’s been around for 2,000 years. Unlike Judaism, one ofthe key features of Christianity – supported by passages from The Bible -has always been an emphasis on proselytism.

Evangelical Christians such as Danny Nalliah are especially active and energetic in this regard.

It’s somewhere between amusing and pathetic that ignorant, dumbassed lefties like Jeff Sparrow of Crikey and Misha Schubert of The Age act sooutraged that Danny Nalliah, a well-known Evangelical Christian would speak at any gathering of the dubious or undesirable.

And it’s bad logic – at the very least – to declare that John Howard and Peter Costello should cut ties with Danny Nalliah because he has basicallybeen doing his job as an EvangelicalChristian Pastor.

Double guilt by association: The League of Rights are baddies. Danny is guilty for “associating” with the League of Rights. Howard and Costello are guilty for “associating” with Nalliah. Of course the Prime Minister and the Treasurer are the key targets here.

Recently, writing for slag-rag,, Jeff Sparrow wrote: “Catch the Fire [Ministries, run by Danny Nalliah,] is a bigoted group, and it is shameful that mainstream politicians associate with it.”

And with staggering ignorance, Jeff Sparrow refers to the accusations made by the Islamic Council of Victoria*, later upheld by VCAT, and then later DISCREDITED by the Supreme Court of Victoria, Court of Appeals, that Catch The Fire “had described Muslims as drug-dealing demons training to make Australia an Islamic state.”

He then dares the Australia Israel Jewish Affairs Council (who, by the way, do great work) to join his chorus of viciousness and ignorance.

* By the way, the supposedly “moderate”Islamic Council of Victoria’s website recommends – which advocates the murder of apostates. Justthought, Jeff Sparrows and Misha Schubert might be interested.

Click here to listen or download this interview
(4.5 MB mp3 )

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Kevin Rudd’s Here New, There New, Everywhere a New New Leadership!

After you. No, after you. But I insist. No, really.

Here’s how things stood until just the other day when Kevin Rudd finally”clarified” what his policy on Kyoto really is …

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Paul Kelly says Kevin Rudd elusive and contradictory on policies

Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd (Australian Labor Party)

Paul Kelly’s article in the latest Weekend Australian Magazine (Kevin Rudd Up Close and Personal, Oct 27/28 2007 – not currently available online) presents a sympathetic personal portrayal of Australian Labor Party Opposition Leader, Kevin Rudd.

In its closing paragraphs, however, we come to the issue of Rudd’s approach to policies:

On policy Rudd is careful, elusive and contradictory.

He likes to purchase policy options across the spectrum – so he is both pro-business and pro-unions, he is for government intervention and for free markets, he is for quitting Iraq and staying in Iraq, he is for abolishing WorkChoices but wants workplace flexibility.

A policy wonk and populist, Rudd rejects Howard as yesterday’s man but keeps most of Howard’s policy.

Who is the real Kevin Rudd? [ … ]

Paul Kelly goes into all sorts of detail about the things that show how nice and likeable and trustworthyKevin Rudd is as an individual.

But what would cause such a supposedly sterling fellow to be so “elusive and contradictory” when it comes to his profession – his profession asa politician -a politicianwho is askingAustralians to make him the next Prime Minister?

What sort of “elusive and contradictory” … ehm … “New Leadership” … is Rudd offering?

I wonder!



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