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Australia: Channel Nine’s Adam Shand gets a second opinion on Global Warming

So much for the … ehm … “consensus”

Australian columnist, Andrew Bolt, links to the just-screened Channel Nine Sunday show titled Questioning Science – with narration and interviews by Adam Shand – which challenges the pseudo-scientific content and cult-like character of Global Warming alarmists.

As well as giving Green Believers like Flim-Flam Flannery ample opportunity to expose their hostility to proper scientific debate, this is a beautifully produced and entertaining episode.

From the Sunday site …

there is a school of thought that our knowledge of climate systems is as yet insufficient to be so conclusive on the causes of global warming.

Today Sunday examines the political consensus building that has portrayed global warming as the most urgent crisis humankind has ever faced.

Skeptics point to the gaps in the knowledge base and the flaws in the measurement of vital climate and weather data upon which the consensus is based.

Social researchers also highlight the dangers of conducting science as a form of religion, divided into believers and deniers.

They warn that as governments prepare to make expensive policy decisions, such as carbon emissions trading schemes, this consensus may not reflect the best science.

I also recommend browsing through some of the astute and often hilarious commenters on Andrew Bolt’s blog.

Here are three YouTubes of the “Sunday” show …

Part 1 of 3 …

Part 2 of 3 …

Part 3 of 3 …

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John Stossel challenges rage against Big Oil profits

Responding to recent outrage about”record high”petrol prices in the USA, and the “excessive profits” of Big Oil, John Stossel has written a well-argued, brief article called “Why is Profit a Dirty Word?

Hat tip to Tim Warner

John Stossel’s article begins by quoting Democrat Senator John Kerry saying “Oil companies in America are reporting record profits. Record profits.”

I couldn’t find this particularquote on the web or on John Kerry’s website, but there’s no shortage of John Kerry railing againstBig Oil’s …”windfall profits” … “price gouging”, and so on.

The Democratic Party has been pushing to end “billions of dollars in oil industry subsidies”. I need to find out more about this, but it appears that many of these so-called”subsidies” are actually just mis-namedtax breaks.

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