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SOLID VOX: Sophie Mirabella receives Melbourne Capitalism Award 2008

Sophie (Panopoulos) Mirabella, Liberal Party of Australia

My interview with Australian free market politician, Sophie (Panopoulos) Mirabella (Liberal Party of Australia) is now online HERE.

Sophie has been presented with the Celebrate Capitalism™ campaign’s Annual International Capitalism Award, Melbourne 2008.

Past recipients of this Award have been:

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Celebrate Capitalism campaign – 3 Broad Aims

At the new Celebrate Capitalism ™ website, I’ve added notes on the 3 Broad Goals of the campaign:

Over the next few days I’ll be writing about the 4 Guidelines of the campaign.

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Ayn Rand Lexicon now available online


A powerful resource for those interested in studying and checking out what Ayn Rand and Objectivism are really about.

The Ayn Rand Lexicon is not commentary about Ayn Rand or her philosophy, Objectivism. Itconsists ofdirect quotes from Ayn Randand some ofthose works which she directly endorsed.

The debate on Ayn Rand’s ideas will continue.Good! But there’ll be little excuse to misquote or misrepresent those views.

And for those writing from an Objectivist perspective, now you can hypertext link the terminology you use.

But the greatest value of all, and the greatest fun of all is the application of the Lexicon as a study tool.

I’ve had my own hard copy of this publication since it first came out, and it’s gotten plenty of use!

A couple of examples from the Ayn Rand Lexicon

From one of the entries under “altruism”:

There are two moral questions which altruism lumps together into one “package-deal”:

(1) What are values?

(2) Who should be the beneficiary of values?

Altruism substitutes the second for the first; it evades the task of defining a code of moral values, thus leaving man, in fact, without moral guidance.

Altruism declares that any action taken for the benefit of others is good, and any action taken for one’s own benefit is evil. Thus the beneficiary of an action is the only criterion of moral value—and so long as that beneficiary is anybody other than oneself, anything goes.

One of the entries under “property rights” ….

The right to agree with others is not a problem in any society; it is the right to disagree that is crucial.

It is the institution of private property that protects and implements the right to disagree—and thus keeps the road open to man’s most valuable attribute (valuable personally, socially, and objectively): the creative mind.

Even these two examples, I think, highlight both the uniqueness of Ayn Rand’s take on ideas, as well as the Aristotelian/Enlightenment tradition of which she is a part.

Hat tip to Zigory.


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Discover Capitalism: Benevolent nature of Capitalism, Thomas Sowell on Iraq

At yesterday’s Discover Capitalism ™ meeting we studied …

… George Reisman’s essay on the Benevolent Nature of Capitalism, and …

… Thomas Sowell’s 3 “Mugged by Reality” essays (#1, #2, #3) about Iraq and the USA.

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Atlas Shrugged movie stalled but for good reasons

[photopress:angelina_jolie_02.jpg,full,pp_image] has a brief interview with Angelina Jolie who is to star in the Atlas Shrugged movie if and when it finally gets made.

[Angelina Jolie] had a little more to say about the adaptation of Atlas Shrugged, which is moving forward very slowly, despite having the Plan B powerhouse of Pitt and Jolie behind it.

Angelina told me that the project is still on the table, but “the thing with Atlas is just, we all feel that it’s one of those projects where if you can’t do it right, you really can’t touch it. So we have not had all the pieces come together.

There’s not been a director that’s right to come on, or all of those elements. So until it does, you know, I certainly don’t want to be a part of something that’s just put together to hit ‘this date.'”

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Leonard Peikoff disgusted by Mikko Ellila’s racist obnoxious ideas

Ayn Rand’s intellectual and legal heir, and founder of the Ayn Rand Institute,Dr Leonard Peikoff has nowremoved the two letters by Mikko Ellila (click here for my archived screen shot) which he had posted on his website several weeks ago and replaced them with a note expressing his disgust.

Writes, Dr Peikoff (emphasis added by me) …

Posted August 8, 2007

“Since posting the two letters I received from a Finnish correspondent, I have been directed to an article this individual wrote, which includes explicitly many obnoxious ideas, including racism and determinism. I have, accordingly, removed the letters from the website, and regret that I was taken in by them.

Although a government has no right to censor such ideas, I have the right to refuse to sanction their author.”

— Leonard Peikoff

Yes, it was me who drew Dr Peikoff’s attentionto Mikko Ellila’s article Society Consists of People– the very same article which Mikko omitted to mention to Dr Peikoff when writing to complain to him about his persecution by the other Mikko of Finnish Thought Police fame.

Does it matter that Mikko omitted pointing to that article? Well, yes, since it was precisely that article which the Other Mikko was concerned about.

The very same article for which I disabled Mikko’s THINKER TO THINKER blog.

I note that many other bloggers were – to use Leonard Peikoff’s words – “taken in” by Mikko and, assuming the best of him, stood up for his right to free speech when he contacted us regarding the Finnish authorities’ attack on his right to free speech.

However, how many of those same bloggers suddenlywent all quiet once the truth about Mikko Ellila came out? Once they discovered what he wasreally on about?

In contrast, on this blog I have not and will not merely go quiet. Instead I have continued to relentlessly pursue this issue (check discussions here and here) – with a lot of greatly appreciated help from individuals such as Finnish human rights activist, Jussi K. Niemelä.

Mikko Ellila had proudly provided a copy of his letter to Leonard Peikoff on his now disabled blog at– shortly before it was disabled by me.

Now all that remains on the THINKER TO THINKERserver is the preserved corpse of a racialist. And on Leonard Peikoff’s site?

Not even the cinders of a cremation.

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Are Blacks genetically LOWER in intelligence and HIGHER in psychopathy than Whites?

British Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Ulster, Richard Lynn, answers “YES!” to both questions, and he’s conducted and collated a large body of research and data to back up his views.

Does this make Richard Lynn a racist?

Not necessarily.

Does the fact that various White Supremacy and White Separatist groups embrace Richard Lynn’s research and his conclusions make him a racist or a supporter of racism?

Not necessarily.

Is it wrong to investigate these issues?

Not at all.

First I want to discuss the issue of Black versus White intelligence.

All aboard!


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New York Times reports on Atlas Shrugged movie


Angelina Jolie to play Ayn Rand’s heroine, Dagny Taggart?
Sure! Why not? 😀 😀

Betsy Speicher’s CyberNet reports on an article about the Atlas Shrugged movie project:

The Arts/Movie section of today’s (01/14/07) Sunday New York Times has a large article on the past and present attempts to make a movie of _Atlas Shrugged_. Although some of the quotes and the writer’s conclusions are
dubious, there are many interesting facts about the subject as well.

Here’s the article:

Ayn Rand No Longer Has Script Approval (January 14, 2007)


BACK in the 1970s Albert S. Ruddy, the producer of “The Godfather,” first approached Ayn Rand to make a movie of her novel “Atlas Shrugged.” But Rand, who had fled the Soviet Union and gone on to inspire capitalists and egoists everywhere, worried aloud, apparently in all seriousness, that the Soviets might try to take over Paramount to block the project.

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SOLID VOX: Australian Ayn Rand fan Sonja Bernhardt presents the Screen Goddess IT Calendar!

The latest PRODOS Worldwide interview on the SOLID VOX Network is an interview with the irrepressible Sonja Bernhardt, creator of the Screen Goddess IT Calendar.

An image from Ayn Rand fan, Sonja Bernhardt's Screen Godess IT Calendar

Listen, download, or podcast this interview HERE

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Leonard Peikoff: Unreal and loving it?

From (Seen on Thursday, 09 November, 2006)

Q: I am writing to inquire about your sentiments on the current state of America and the world.

A: I now read only the front page of the New York Times, dropping each story when it is necessary to turn the page. That way, what is happening does not become too real to me.


Has someone hacked Leonard Peikoff’s website?

It’s one thing to be detached from the world, but to flaunt it like this is sick. Especially for a professional philosopher and teacher of Objectivism.

Maybe reading the New York Times does this to people.

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