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The New Rules of the Games (Commanding Heights, Episode 3)

For the advancement and inspiration of its members


Proudly presents

With the kind permission of

InVision Productions of LondonWilliam Cran

Another outstanding documentary:

Commanding Heights: The Battle for
the World Economy, Episode 3

Date: Monday January 16 & January 23 2012

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PRODOS Film Society 2010 program

List of films the PRODOS Film Society (Melbourne, Australia) will be including in its 2010 programme: HERE (2 MB PDF file)

The PRODOS Film Society is a member of the Federation of Victorian Film Societies. Our constitution is HERE.

Our purpose is to present and study movies that promote and explore free market thinking, capitalist ideals, the history of ideas, the life and work of creative heroes.

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PRODOS meetings 2009

Listed @

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Dr Alan Moran on the Economics of Taxing Carbon Emissions


Dr Alan Moran, Institute of Public Affairs, Melbourne Australia

Dr Alan Moran will be speaking about and answering lots of questions on


Further details at DISCOVER CAPITALISM

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NOT EVIL JUST WRONG: Some feedback from PRODOS screening, Melbourne, Australia


Above, a few people give their feedback after the PRODOS screening of NOT EVIL JUST WRONG on Sunday October 16 2009 in Melbourne, Australia.

Thanks to Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney for creating this superb documentary and for organizing the worldwide “tea party” Premiere.

Thanks also to Tim Andrews and Andrew Landeryou for their assistance.


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Capitalist Crossword Number 2

Here it is as a PDF.

EMAIL ME and I’ll send you the answers.

Created for the Melbourne DISCOVER CAPITALISM meeting of December 19, and won by Charles Richardson, pictured below holding his crossword and prize.

Charles Richardson win Capitalist Crossword prize at recent PRODOS DISCOVER CAPITALISM meeting in Melbourne

And here are some of the delicate souls he crushed asunder …

Vanquished souls from a PRODOS DISCOVER CAPITALISM meeting.

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Capitalist Crossword Number 1

Click here to download and print out.

Write to me and I’ll email you the answer sheet.
Created for the Melbourne DISCOVER CAPITALISM meeting of December 12 2008 and won by Barboo (Sydney Kendall) pictured below.


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Melbourne: Comparing Adam Smith and Ayn Rand on the Moral Foundations of Capitalism

Adam Smith and Ayn Rand - The Moral Foundations of Capitalism

Melbourne, Australia.

Monday, November 24, Melbourne Discover Capitalism™, will discuss:

Comparing Adam Smith and Ayn Rand

Speakers: Timothy Warner & Prodos

Further details HERE

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Celebrate Capitalism campaign – 4 Guidelines

The 4 Guidelines of the Celebrate Capitalism ™ campaign are now online at:

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Celebrate Capitalism campaign – 3 Broad Aims

At the new Celebrate Capitalism ™ website, I’ve added notes on the 3 Broad Goals of the campaign:

Over the next few days I’ll be writing about the 4 Guidelines of the campaign.

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