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Currently based in Melbourne, Australia. The Roundtable is focused on the Liberal Party of Australia, providing resource that promote understanding of practical free market principles and policies.

Julian Burnside QC on The Case Against an ID card

With my wife, this evening I attended an Australian Adam Smith dinner meeting featuring a talk by lawyer, Julian Burnside, arguing against the proposed ID card being put forward by the Howard Government.

He raised many important issues and presented his case very clearly and openly. I disagreed with a lot of his arguments against the ID card (even though I am currently neither for nor against it), but I (and everyone there) enjoyed the discussion quite a lot.

My friend, Tim Warner, who is one of the key organisers of the Adam Smith Club meetings, a regular attendee at both my Discover Capitalism™ and Free Market Roundtable meetings raised some very good points about the nature of privacy and how it relates to owning one’s own life.

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