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Freemasonry – Completed Second Degree – Fellow Craft

This evening I completed my Second Degree in Freemasonry, also known as Fellow Craft, at the Hearts of Oak Lodge in Brighton (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia).

Fascinating rituals, symbols,and initiations. Learnt a lot, enjoyed it immensely, and met many excellent individuals.

Here are some famous individuals who were Freemasons:

Bud Abbott
Bud Abbott

Freemason: Cecil B de Mille
Cecil B de Mille

Freemason: Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin

Freemason: George Washington
George Washington

Harpo Marx

Freemason: John Wayne
John Wayne

Sir George Houstoun Reid
Australian Prime Minister,
Sir George Houstoun Reid
Free Trade Party, 1904

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I’m a Freemason!

Last night I was initiated into the Freemasons.

I’m now a member of Hearts of Oak Lodge, Brighton, Victoria, Australia.

This is a nautical lodge with a high portion of members with some sort of seafaring background or interest. Its members tend to be rowdy, fun-loving, irreverent rum drinkers of the nicest kind.

Some of my greatest heroes were Masons: Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Adam Smith, John Locke.

My wife’s grandfather, Foreman White (to whom I dedicated this song) was a Mason for 80 years. He died at 102 years of age (1898 – 2000).

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