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Krauthammer’s Folly: In favour of global pact to reduce CO2


I was unpleasantly surprised to read Charles Krauthammer stating in the National Review:

I’m not against a global pact to reduce CO2 emissions.

Indeed, I favor it.

Did I read that right?

I had naively assumed that Charles Krauthammer — so thoughtful on so many issues — would at least be sceptical about anthropogenic global warming/climate change.

Or better still, that he would have studied the matter and found that it has not been established that human released CO2 is driving climate change, let alone dangerous global warming.

Do your homework Charles.

He does state that “Global temperatures have been flat for 16 years”. Right.

And he is correct in adding that this fact alone “doesn’t mean there is no  global warming”. True.

Then why does he “favor” a “global pact” to reduce CO2 — if only it could be done?

This is the sort of tangled nonsense only the most “sophisticated” experts of the Establishment Right in America (and Australia) are capable of tying themselves up in.

With friends like these …

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Lord Christopher Monckton on the Illogic of Climate Hysteria

Lord Monckton runs through and exposes the many logical fallacies — 11 in all — used by climate change alarmists.

My favourite is: “We tell the (climate) models CO2 causes warming. They tell us just the same.”

This is the “begging-the-question fallacy”.

The most chilling item mentioned is the proposed “Rights of legal personality for Mother Earth” which had been proposed in the 2011 Durban Draft (page 15, Item 74) to be enforced by an International Climate Court.

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Australia: New Book by Professor Bob Carter on Climate Change Myths

Above: A brief talk for the Heartland Institute by Australian climate scientist, Professor Bob Carter, on the “Misrepresentation of Science in the Public Domain.”

Update on video: Bob Carter makes many excellent points during his talk and I recommend it highly.

However, right at the very end he floats the idea of a “Science Court” (an Institution for Scientific Judgment) — an idea he credits to Arthur Kantrowitz, designed to “to settle scientific controversies as they relate to public policy”.

This is a damned idiotic notion.

My friend, Michael Darby, just wrote to let me know about a new book by Professor Carter and others (illustrated by cartoonist John Spooner) which tackles “more than 100 basic questions about global warming and climate change”.

The book is: Taxing Air: Facts & Fallacies about Climate Change.

From the blurb:

  • Just 8,000 years ago, there was virtually no summer sea-ice in the Arctic Ocean.
  • Sea-level rise is natural, and declining in rate.
  • Australian rainfall has not decreased over the last 100 years.
  • A previous Australian drought lasted 69 years.
  • By catchment management, the Murray-Darling Basin now contains almost 3 times as much water as it held naturally.
  • Global air temperature has not increased for the last 16 years, despite an 8% increase in CO2.
  • Global ocean temperature is also steady or cooling slightly.
  • Australian territory absorbs up to 20 times the amount of CO2 that we emit.
  • The CO2 tax will cost about $1,000/person/year; and rising.
  • The result of reducing Australian CO2 emissions by 5% by 2020 will be a theoretical (and unmeasurable)
    cooling of between 0.0007 degrees Celsius and 0.00007 degrees Celsius by 2100.
  • No scientist can tell you whether the world will be warmer or cooler than today in 2020.

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Grooming Little Green Jihadists

A Greenpeace video legitimizing and instilling the mass-killer’s nihilist mindset.

Not just in children, but in those who can say “we did it for the children”.

The video, including the script, was created by adults. The child appeared with the blessing and approval of his proud parents.

The child incorrectly states that “this Global Warming” is caused by things that grown-ups do.

The child refers to supposed scientific reports which he is unable to understand or assess, but which he states “proves beyond a doubt” the truth of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

“This Global Warming is caused by things you grown-ups do, and by the things you don’t …  I may just be a kid today, but tomorrow will be different …” followed by ultimatums and threats.

I suppose some day this child will be a grown-up and have children of his own. Will those children appreciate the destruction and misery caused by their stupid, brainwashed Greenpeace Daddies and Mummies?

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