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Jeff Lord on piss-weak Establishment Right losers

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

A brilliant six-page article by Jeffrey Lord at American Spectator contrasting the Ronald Reagan mentality with the Establishment Right mentality.

Excerpts …

If, went the idea, Communists could somehow take control of the most powerful communications tool in all of America the Communist world movement would have scored the coup of coups.

Hollywood films had a weekly audience of half a billion people around the world. A Communist takeover of Hollywood and its filmmaking capacity would be second only to taking over the U.S. government itself.

 = = = =

So let’s return to present day America. The America where John Sununu and the GOP Establishment are out there targeting Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, the Tea Party and more.

… What is the central difference between the GOP Establishment and those (and others) named above?

 … after decades of left-wing devotion to the hijacking of America, to the idea of transforming it, there are still Republicans and even some conservatives who don’t understand the nature of either their opponents or their opponents’ objectives.

= = =

Highly recommended reading.

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Christopher Hodgwood on Felix Mendelssohn & The Authenticity of Genius

For the enlightenment, advancement, and inspiration of its members


Proudly presents

With the kind permission of
Gresham College (founded 1597)

A filmed talks in which

Professor Christopher Hogwood CBE

Explores & Demonstrates (!)

The Authentic Genius of
Felix Mendelssohn

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Problem with PRODOS server mail system

There’s a problem with the mail system within the PRODOS server which is preventing emails from coming through for prodoscope mailing lists, THINKER TO THINKER ™ blogs, and PRODOS Forums.

We’re working on it and will provide further updates shortly.

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SNEWPI project

I am currently drawing up the specifications for the construction of the “SNEWPI” system which will be used to handle the creation of links to “NON endorsed” websites.

“SNEWPI” is an abbreviation for: “Specificed as a NON Endorsed Webpage, Party, or Ideology.”

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The 1776: Backlog of unmoderated posts

Due to some exhaustion and illness I’m behind on moderating some of the most recent posts.

[Later note: I have now caught up with the backlog.]

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Message board script bugs fixed

This last week I’ve had a few problems with the FUDForum message board script I was going to use. They now seem to have all been fixed (and in one case the problem was due to my error in installing an upgrade)

[Later entry … ]

Further problems found and now fixed.

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Capitalist Manifesto Team: Worklist set up

I have joined the Capitalist Manifesto Team to promote Andrew Bernstein’s masterwork, The Capitalist Manifesto, and have set up a “worklist” >> CapMan @

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Problem with message board script

I discovered a bug in the “mass email” function of the latest version of the FUDForum script. A fix was provided by the developer but this, too, had a problem. I am waiting for a further fix before I can proceed with work on the message boards.

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Further development of FUDForum message board script

This week I’ve been putting in a lot of time testing and getting familiar with altering the FUDForum message board script that will be installed for several discussion projects including:

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Planning to set up “The 1776” message board this week

I have been testing and comparing message board scripts for several months now and have settled on using FUDForum.

“The 1776” message board is scheduled to be set up this coming week.


  • The “Prodos Thinking Club” message board.
  • The “House of PRODOSTRUCTION” message board
  • The new “TEWLIP” message board
  • The “Celebrate Self” message board
  • Possibly the “Science & Technology” message board
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