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If Obama had an Egyptian belly-dancer she’d call him a jerk. In Arabic.

Sama El Masry tells Obama Fuck you


Sama El Masry calls Obama a jerk

William A Jacobson at Legal Insurrection blogs about a recent YouTube video featuring Egyptian belly-dancer, Sama Elmasry, singing and dancing in praise of the Egyptian military and mocking Obama’s weakness and disregard of Egyptians.

She tells Obama (through song) to F his US aid money and F himself and that he’s a jerk for siding with Islamo-fascists instead of with secular Egyptians.

Unfortunately, as well as going viral the video goes tribal and throws in a condemnation of “your (Obama’s) Israel”.

Not sure where Sama Elmasry gets the idea that Obama is pro-Israel or that Israel is against the Egyptian people.

Sama El Masry unfortunately condemns Israel


Click any of the above pics to watch the video.


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2007 PRODOS interview on Triple J radio show, Restoring the Balance

tom stirling1

From the archives:

On Sunday (April 02 2007) I was interviewed on the Triple J radio show, “Restoring the Balance“.

Click here to listen JUST to the interview with PRODOS

Triple J is an Australian government-owned – i.e.taxpayer funded – national radio network which is part of the ABC.

It’s main focus is new music. It’s broadcast nationally and its signal can reach 95% of Australians. The show, Restoring the Balance, is supposed to be a send-up of the Conservative Right. The show’s humorous intro begins like this:

Thanks to the intervention of the ABC board, Triple J reluctantly presents two hours of unbiased, fair and balanced coverage of the week’s topical issues

The main presenter, “Sterling Addison” (not his real name) – who pretends to be a supporter of conservative, old-world, Liberal Party type ideals – and his faithful side-kick, “Spencer” – who pretends to be from the “Christian values” based Family First party – are very funny mock jocks.

Sterling presents himself asa proud,rich, privileged, lazy, narrow-minded, bigoted, pompous, “right wing” (whatever that means) conservative ass. Spencer portrays a righteous Bible-basher. Their interview with me centered on talking about International Capitalism Day.

The show opened with a short excerpt from my song “Privatize The ABC” (my lyrics, but the melody is based loosely on Irving Berlin’s song, Alexander’s Ragtime Band).

Because Spencer claimed that the Bible and Capitalism go hand-in-hand, I mentioned in the show that my studies of Christianity indicate that Christianity and Capitalism do seem to be compatible.

However, Islam and Capitalism are not compatible.

Why? Because Islam is thoroughly riddled with advocating violence and rejects any separation of Mosque and State. Click here for more information

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In Islam theological rebuttal of violence does not exist

Debate between Robert Spencer and Peter Kreeft

Debate between Robert Spencer and Peter Kreeft

Robert Spencer:

… there is no theological system in Islam, there is no sect, there is no group within Islam that has formulated a comeback, an understanding, a construction of Islamic theology based on the Koran that makes a case to reject violence and supremacism and the subjugation of unbelievers. It doesn’t exist.

I too have searched far and wide — as well as reading the views of many “moderate” Muslims — many of them good people — to find such a theological rebuttal. But without success.

Video below starts a minute before the above statement is made.

The complete video is just under two hours long.


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English Defence League’s Tommy Robinson Defends Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller

Tommy Robinson, English Defence League

Tommy Robinson, English Defence League

Interviewed by the BBC, Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League, challenges the UK government’s efforts to ban Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from visiting because it was “”not conducive to the public good”.

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Interview with anti-Islam Burmese monk Saydaw Wirathu (Ashin Wirathu)

What is Buddhist monk, Saydaw Wirathu (Ashin Wirathu), actually saying and doing?

What is Buddhist monk, Saydaw Wirathu (Ashin Wirathu), actually saying, preaching, doing?

Below, I reproduce an interview with Burmese anti-Islamisation monk, Saydaw Wirathu — also know by his honorific name, Ashin Wirathu.

I have highlighted some portions of the article that are of interest to me in red and added some extra paragraph breaks to make for easier reading.

I don’t know enough about about the situation to comment or form an opinion at this point.

But what I can say is that, despite the many articles and accusations I’ve read from mainstream media reports characterising Wirathu as a “Buddhist terrorist” and “Islamophobe” it’s been very difficult to find many extensive quotes by him or excerpts from his speeches or any clear evidence that he condones violence. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t, but some evidence would be helpful.

Also, it’s been very hard to find reports examining what the Muslim population in Burma has been doing and saying in order to fathom whether the concerns of the Burmese people have any basis or not.

Such omissions have aroused my further interest. I will continue researching it.

Here’s the article …

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Islam looks even worse when context is taken into account

Mohamad Abdalla says we must understand violent passages of Islam in context. Mark Durie obliges.

Mohamad Abdalla says we must understand violent passages of Islam in context. Mark Durie obliges.

Australian scholar, Rev Dr Mark Durie explains that in understanding Islam, taking into account and understanding the full “context” may reveal it is even LESS peaceful than first impressions.

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There has never been a work ethic in Islam, explains Robert Spencer

Among other things, Islam advocates conquering non-believers and making them pay a special tax known as Jizyia.

Muslims may rely on Jizya.

A core purpose of Jihad is this economic motivation.

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David Wood identifies 20 Errors on 20/20 ABC News show, Islam: Questions and Answers

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PRODOS Film Study Group: An evening of Pat Condell’s Godless Comedy

For the enlightenment, advancement, and inspiration of its members


Proudly presents

With the kind permission of Pat Condell

A selection of his most interesting
controversial monologues.

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Acts17Apologetics on what Breivik is and is not

See also: Anders Behring Breivik: Not a Christian. Not a free marketer.

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