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If Obama had an Egyptian belly-dancer she’d call him a jerk. In Arabic.

Sama El Masry tells Obama Fuck you


Sama El Masry calls Obama a jerk

William A Jacobson at Legal Insurrection blogs about a recent YouTube video featuring Egyptian belly-dancer, Sama Elmasry, singing and dancing in praise of the Egyptian military and mocking Obama’s weakness and disregard of Egyptians.

She tells Obama (through song) to F his US aid money and F himself and that he’s a jerk for siding with Islamo-fascists instead of with secular Egyptians.

Unfortunately, as well as going viral the video goes tribal and throws in a condemnation of “your (Obama’s) Israel”.

Not sure where Sama Elmasry gets the idea that Obama is pro-Israel or that Israel is against the Egyptian people.

Sama El Masry unfortunately condemns Israel


Click any of the above pics to watch the video.


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PRODOS Film Study Group: 2 Tributes to the Israeli Air Force

PRODOS: “What does it take to defend liberty? Ask Israel.”

For the advancement and inspiration of its members


Proudly presents

With the kind permission of Producer/Director Steve Feld


With special thanks to The History Channel (A & E)

Two Documentary Tributes to the Israeli Air Force.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

1. Raid on the Reactor

Israel’s 1981 airstrike on Iraq’s nuclear reactor.
“The true story of how Israel used politics, espionage, blackmail, targeted assassinations and finally military power to destroy Saddam Hussein’s nuclear reactor and deny him the bomb. “

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

2. Dogfights of the Middle East

Israel’s pilots in action!
“In the cauldron of the Middle East the Israeli Air Force has forged one of the most skilled fighting units in the history of aerial warfare.
Often outnumbered, the Israelis have tallied more victories in the modern dogfight than any other air force.

“Now with remarkable computer animation, you’re in the cockpit with the best of the IAF as Mirage-III and F-15 fighters slug it out with combat tested MiGs. Experience the battle, dissect the tactics, relive the dogfights of the Middle East.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Date: Monday December 19 2011

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Documentary: CULT OF THE SUICIDE BOMBER (part 1)

For the enlightenment, advancement, and inspiration of its members


Proudly presents

With the kind permission of

Kevin Toolis, Many Rivers Films

A documentary featuring Robert Baer (pictured below)
(Case officer in the Directorate of Operations for the CIA from 1976 to 1997)

Produced & directed by David Batty and Kevin Toolis


(part one)

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

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Psychogenesis blog suspended by PRODOS


I have suspended the THINKER TO THINKER blog Psychogenesis.ThinkerToThinker.com


A colleague emailed me a couple of days ago, after reading the following comment (comment #2 by maxtrue) dated April 06 2011 at JihadWatch.org

I will leave you all a gift I found: http://psychogenesis.thinkertothinker.com/?p=263

Elon Musk not only is ready to start serious production of world class EVs in his California Tesla plant, but is developing the Falcon 9 which will lift 53 tons into orbit. The only thing NASA has that can lift more is the long retired Saturn Rocket. It is questionable that come 2016 NASA will have operational a new rocket that can lift 75 tons. In any case, NASA comes nowhere near the $1000 per pound cost Musk is planning to deliver. So these antisemitic A-holes at stinkertostinker not only slander Musk for being a Jew, but attack one of the most important people to help America to return to technological leadership in the world. I hope the CIA or some other service is making sure Musk is safe.

Sure, some rebels call Qaddafi Jewish and those Muslims that hate the Saudi King have long claimed the Royal family was originally Jewish, even claiming Jews brought beheading into the Muslim culture. On one level we can understand ME IDS, but the creatures that inhabit the dark corners of the West including some of those who hide behind Muslim Civil Rights, are inexcusably allowed to post their hate without much opposition. I guess it is okay to defame and shower with racist obscenity. Jews, but burn one of 2 billion Korans and the UN will compare it to a suicide attack.


PRODOS projects and services – including the THINKER TO THINKER™ blog service – are unavailable for promoting:

  1. Hostility to Israel
  2. Anti-Semitism
  3. Conspiracy Theories
  4. Racism and/or Racialism
  5. Anti-Capitalism


After investigating the posts and pages of the Psychogenesis blog I have concluded that it is in breach of the first three of the above prohibitions.


From this page:

Short story: After spending some time in Turkey I’m back in Europe as of Fall 2010.

I slowly begun to understand the hidden reality behind world events in late 2007. Only in June of 2008 I had seen enough evidence to understand that a mainly jewish organization was behind 9/11. I’m currently planning my next move.

You can contact me through the address …

I have therefore permanently suspended this blog.

I have no plans to deleted the blog.

Thanks to the colleague who drew this matter to my attention, and to “maxtrue” over at JihadWatch.org for his comments.

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Israel ready willing and more than able to strike Iran

A brief sample of the Israeli Air Force

The New York Times reports on an Israeli military exercise conducted in the first week of June, involving over 100 F-15 and F-16 fighter jets, and covering a distance of more than 900 miles – able therefore to hit Iran.
An unnamed Pentagon official explained the exercise was intended …

… to send a clear message to the United States and other countries that Israel was prepared to act militarily if diplomatic efforts to stop Iran from producing bomb-grade uranium continued to falter.

“They wanted us to know, they wanted the Europeans to know, and they wanted the Iranians to know,” the Pentagon official said.

IslamOnline.net, however, offers a warning or two.

“It’s a nightmare scenario for any contingency planner, and I think you really enter the twilight zone if you strike Iran,” Magnus Ranstorp at the Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies at the Swedish National Defense College in Stockholm, told The Christian Science Monitor on Friday, June 20.

“If you attack Iran you are unleashing a firestorm of reaction internally that will only strengthen revolutionary forces, and externally in the region.”

Analysts believe that Tehran would use its rocket capabilities to strike US forces in the Gulf region.

… Analysts believe that Iran’s response to a US or Israeli military strike could be unpredictable.

It “could be” …. “unpredictable”? Doesn’t that also mean it “could be” …”predictable”? Or does this mean that these “analysts” are unable to “analyse” the situation? Or are they saying it’s somehow un-analyseable?

It “could be” …. “unpredictable” … Yeah, I must remember to use that phrase some day.

“One very important issue from a US intelligence perspective, [the Iranian reaction] is probably more unpredictable than the Al Qaeda threat,” said Ranstorp.

Maybe we should also stop hunting downAl Qaeda in that case?

He said Iranian revenge attacks in the past have been marked by “plausible deniability” and have had global reach.

“I doubt very much our ability to manage some of the consequences.”

What about the consequences of allowing Iran to keep on its current quite “predictable” course? Analyse that.

Speaking ofIslamOnline.net, I see that thesitenow brings up an error page where before it had some interesting notes under the heading: “Apostasy: Definition & Ruling” which statedthat apostates (those who leave Islam) should be murdered.

Here is the text from that now missing page:

A questioner asks …

If a Muslim leaves Islam, what do Muslims call him? And what is the Islamic prescribed sentence for the one who leaves Islam. Please send me as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

In a reply dated March 21, 2004 IOL Shari`ah Researchers reply …

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.Dear questioner! Thank you very much for this question that reflects deep insight and true search for knowledge. May Allah grant you success in this life and the Hereafter.

It goes without saying that, leaving Islam is the ugliest and the worst form of disbelief (kufr) in Almighty Allah. It is technically called ridda (apostasy from Islam), and someone who leaves Islam is called a murtadd (apostate).

The Qur’an makes it clear that the one who leaves Islam, hinders people from the path of Allah and then dies as such will be a loser on the Day of Judgment. His eternal abode will be Hell, where he/she will suffer severe torture and endless chastisement. Allah will not forgive him/her, nor will any of his/her good deeds be accepted from him/her. Allah Almighty says: (Lo! Those who disbelieve and turn from the way of Allah and then die disbelievers, Allah surely will not pardon them.) (Muhammad 47: 34)

Also, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is reported to have said:

“The blood of a Muslim who testifies that there is no god but Allah and that I am the Messenger of Allah is not lawful to shed unless he be one of three: a married adulterer, someone killed in retaliation for killing another, or someone who abandons his religion and the Muslim community.”

The prescribed punishment for a murtadd:

If a sane person who has reached puberty voluntarily apostatizes from Islam, he deserves to be punished.‏

In such a case, it is obligatory for the caliph (or his representative) to ask him to repent and return to Islam. If he does, it is accepted from him, but if he refuses, he is immediately killed.

However, don’t worry because here’s the “Religion of Peace” bit …

No one besides the caliph or his representative may kill the apostate. If someone else kills him, the killer is disciplined (for arrogating the caliph’s prerogative and encroaching upon his rights, as this is one of his duties).

[ … and so on … ]

i.e. The killer of the apostate is not treated as a regular murderer. He is not subject to capital punishment or life imprisonment- not even by the caliph or his representative.

And his crime when killing the apostate is not that he killed a man, but that he was “arrogating the caliph’s prerogative” to kill the apostate.

Warning to Canadians: Do not criticize any of the aboveor you may end up in breach of Canada’s Blasphemy Laws!


Although the above text and the page from Islam Online is gone, you can in fact still see a copy HERE= http://tinyurl.com/467g47

And should that go missing too, I’ve got a nice screenshot of it rightHERE.


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SOLID VOX: Sophie Mirabella receives Melbourne Capitalism Award 2008

Sophie (Panopoulos) Mirabella, Liberal Party of Australia

My interview with Australian free market politician, Sophie (Panopoulos) Mirabella (Liberal Party of Australia) is now online HERE.

Sophie has been presented with the Celebrate Capitalism™ campaign’s Annual International Capitalism Award, Melbourne 2008.

Past recipients of this Award have been:

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CIA video confirms Syrian nuclear weapon facility destroyed by Israel

Damn good work lads!

The Washington Post reports:

The Bush administration charged Thursday that a secret Syrian nuclear reactor was within weeks or months of completion before Israel bombed it on Sept. 6 and demanded that North Korea and Syria publicly acknowledge their collusion on a facility that could have produced plutonium for a nuclear weapon.

“It was nearing operational capability,” a senior intelligence official told reporters yesterday at one of a series of briefings on the reactor organized by the administration.

… After the Israeli airstrike, Syria used a controlled demolition explosion on Oct. 10 to destroy the rest of the facility, which exposed reactor equipment that Syria had tried to hide, the U.S. officials said.

Click here to view the CIA video released on April 25 2008 detailing Syria’s covert nuclear reactor and the North Korean involvement in its construction. The reactor was destroyed by the Israelis before it could become operational in September 2007.

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Ari Fleischer a modern day Moses leading the Jews out of Democratic Party bondage


Webutante (pictured above) writes about attending a recent gathering sponsored by the Republican Jewish Coalition, with guest speaker Ari Fleischer – former White House Press Secretary and now involved with FreedomsWatch.org

Ari Fleischer:

… In my business, it’s all about making inroads … No doubt about it, getting the Jewish vote out of the Democratic party and into the Republicans is a slow steady inroad we’re making every year, every election. And we’ve only just begun.

… We’re finally understanding the real threat that Islamic extremism represents to the United States, Israel and the rest of the free world.

There’s no such thing as peace without 100% strength.


Fleischer recalled the United States’ first wars against Islamic fundamentalism, The Barbary Wars, in the early 1800’s when then President Thomas Jefferson refused to continue paying bribes to Muslim pirates in the Mediterranean.

Both the George Washington and John Adams Administrations had made bribery payments from the U.S. Treasury in hopes that our ships would not be attacked, robbed and destroyed off the coast of Tripoli. But to no avail.

Ari Fleischer:

Jefferson said no more to Islamic bribery after repeated attacks on our ships and declared war, sent in the Marines and won that war, just like President Bush after 9-11.

Strength is the only thing the terrorists will ever understand.

One of the most profound moments I remember in the White House was when President Bush asked Eli Wiesel if he thought America should remove Saddam Hussein from Iraq.

Mr. Vizel was adamant that the West could have averted World War II and saved millions of lives, if only it had taken Hitler seriously early on, rather than trying to appease him.

I strongly believe our country and the world is a great deal better off because Saddam and his sons are now gone. We didn’t find WMDs as we had expected, but that in no way diminishes the importance of what we’ve done and will continue to do in Iraq. The world is a safer place because America and Israel have acted.

… George Bush is without a doubt the best friend Israel and the Jews have ever had.


May Israel Prevail!

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