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Shoddy science and fuzzy reasoning on race, IQ, and wealth links to aWikipedia article about a book called IQ and the Wealth of Nations by Dr Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, and Dr. Tatu Vanhanen, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland.


… The book argues that differences in national income (in the form of per capita gross domestic product) correlate with differences in average national IQ. The authors interpret this correlation as showing that IQ is one important factor contributing to differences in national wealth and rates of economic growth, but that it is not the only determinant of these differences.

… The authors believe that average IQ difference between nations are due to both genetic and environmental factors. They also believe that low GDP can cause low IQ, just as low IQ can cause low GDP

… For 104 of the 185 nations, no studies were available. In those cases, the authors have used an estimated value by taking averages of the IQs of neighboring or comparable nations.

For example, the authors arrived at a figure of 84 for El Salvador by averaging their calculations of 79 for Guatemala and 88 for Colombia. Including those estimated IQs, the correlation of IQ and GDP is 0.62.

Finnish blogger, Mikko Ellila, has written the following:
See original in Finnish here, or English translation here.

Bringing Negroes to Europe lowers the mean intelligence level of European population, because Negroes have lower median-IQ than whites.

There is a positive correlation between intelligence and standard of living.

… When the mean intelligence level decreases, the standard of living of the country decreases.

… So bringing Negroes to Europe would lower the standard of living in Europe, even if Negroes wouldn’t be social bums living on taxpayers money.

These are examples of shoddy science and fuzzy reasoning coming together.

In the view of Dr Anna Blainey (Melbourne, Australia) the following statement by Mikko Ellila demonstrateshis denial of free will and moral faculty for Negroes:

Negroes obey laws regulated by white society only, when they are concretedly upkept with harsh discipline. If discipline softens, Negroes african biological character of people is manifested in their behaviour.

My own view is that complianceto governmental laws which relate to respect of person and property (in contrast to laws which seek to regulate people or laws which plunder citizens) requires: The ability to think in principles – which isintegral to human nature. And a respect for self-ownership.

Biology (including genetics) is not involved in either case. It’s completely irrelevant.

I tend to be emotionally more “volatile” than my wife. For instance, I tend to get upset faster and to a greater degree than she does. It’s possible there may be some biology/genetics involved in this.

But I don’t need to be reminded of any strict laws against rape, murder,or plunder, to remain steadfast in my respect of others – even of those who I feel have wronged me.

Why not? Because I act morally. In fact my moral thinking limits my range of potentially harmful actions far more than any laws.

My moral principles are not in any way derived from my biology.

Nor is my dedication to truth and justice.

Which parts of Mikko’s thinking are based on his European biology?

Come on Mikko, tell us.

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Thomas Sowell on Race and IQ

Following up on recent discussion concerning an article by Mikko Ellila/Ellilä,Sydney Kendall Says links to 3 excellent articles by Thomas Sowell on Race and IQ.

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Liberal Party – I’ve withdrawn my pre-selection application

Reporting that, regrettably, for personal reasons,I’ve withdrawn my nomination to stand for preselection (Liberal Party of Australia) for the District of Melbourne in the forthcoming federal election.

I remain dedicated to working with the Party and wish the candidate who gets chosen great success.

Thanks to the many wonderful people who supported my application.

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Mikko Ellila – English translation of article and charges plus my criticisms of Mikko while still defending his right to free speech

Below, is an Englishtranslation by Aapo Puhakkaof the article which Mikko Ellila wrote (I’ve only included the text and have left out the accompanyingpictures from his original article) and which the Finnish authorities are investigating him about.

Also, there’s a translation of the charges being made against Mikko.

I got both these texts from Laiva On Taynnavia a link from Thoughts on Freedom, The Official Blog of the Australian Libertarian Society.

Both of these are confirmed as being genuine by Mikko Ellila himself on his blog.

But first, let me state or remind the reader that when Mikko originally wrote to me he said

Continue reading

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Mikko Ellila issue at Little Green Footballs

Mikko Ellila of Finland: Outspoken critic of Islamo-fascists

Little Green Footballs has posted a much commented item on Fellow Thought Criminal, Mikko Ellila:

Finnish blogger Mikko Ellilä has been notified that he will be interrogated by police under Finland’s “incitement against groups” law.

Gates of Vienna is providing valuable updates on this issue.

Tundra Tabloids is doing very nice work.

Sydney Kendall Says is tracking this issue as well as the Sandmonkey Shrugs issue in Egypt.

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Mikko Ellila, THINKER TO THINKER versus Thought Police

The THINKER TO THINKER ™ blogger who is to be interrogated by Finland’s Thought Police is:

Mikko Ellila of Finland who’s blog is at:

The following is my un-edited reply to Mikko’s note which I received at Wednesday 11.07 PM, Melbourne time and replied at 11.39 PM …

From: Prodos
To: Mikko Ellila

Dear Mikko,

Good evening.

> I am writing to you because I received a letter from the municipal
> police department saying they want to interrogate me because of the
> anti-Muslim, pro-Israeli, pro-European, pro-American posts in my
> blog.

Bloody hell!!!

> According to the letter, I am suspected of “hate speech” merely
> because I have pointed out that Islam is a fascist ideology that
> advocates killing Jews, atheists, homosexuals etc.

I applaud and support your views!

> I hope you will not submit under the yoke of censorship that the
> Muslims want to impose on us.

Certainly not!!

Here’s a new T-shirt and website I’m about to launch:

> Do not delete any of my blog posts
> without an explicit order from an Australian court of law. I am
> assuming your server is based in Australia and is therefore under
> Australian jurisdiction.

My server is in the USA, even though I’m in Australia.

> I live in Espoo, a suburban municipality in the Helsinki metropolitan
> area in Finland, and I am certain that the municipal police will
> never take tis case to court in Australia. But they might send you
> some e-mail “politely” asking you to delete my blog. Don’t do this if
> you value freedom.

I will tell them to FUCK OFF.

> This is a very important symbolic case, the first of its kind in
> Finland. Noone has ever been interrogated before in this country for
> blog posts criticising Islam. Probably thousands of people will be
> following this case already before I will visit the police station
> for the interrogation next Monday, because I have told about the
> ongoing police investigation to several other bloggers whose pages
> get thousands of visitors per day.

When are you able to discuss this matter on my radio show?

I have done a number of interviews on this issue, including
one with Pastor Daniel Nalliah who was charged with
hate speech here in my state.

Let’s talk about it before Monday.

Do I have permission to inform THINKER TO THINKER bloggers about this?

Do I have permission to post this information on my blog @ ?

> This is an extremely important case, a litmus test for the freedom of
> speech, a landmark case, a historical milestone.

You have my total support.

> The Finnish government is apparently trying to impose Chinese-style
> totalitarian censorship on the internet. Since the parliament would
> not approve of any new censorship laws, the government is trying to
> impose censorship ILLEGALLY by abusing existing laws against hate
> speech. Such laws were originally obviously meant to be used against
> Nazi-style “kill all Jews” rhetoric, but since the Muslims use that
> kind of rhetoric all the time, and THEY are not being interrogated by
> the police, whereas people who say things like “Islam is a
> totalitarian ideology” ARE interrogated, the hate speech laws are
> obviously being used AGAINST their original purpose.
> Again, this is an extremely important issue. Do not give in.

Allow me to help.

What’s your phone number please?

My number is: +613 9428 1234 (Melbourne, Australia) but I’m about to go to bed.

I look forward to your reply.

Best Wishes,


Read more about this issue at Gates of Vienna

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THINKER TO THINKER blogger to be interrogated for “hate speech”

We Will NOT Submit

One of our THINKER TO THINKER bloggers has just informed me – a few minutes ago – that he is to be interrogated by Police for “hate speech”.

His thought crime consists of exposing – on his THINKER TO THINKER blog – the violent nature of Islam and supporting America, Israel, and Western Values.

As soon as he gives me permission to reveal his details I’ll post a note about it.

I’ve invited him to speak on my show about it.

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Catch the Fire Ministries wins Appeal

Today in the Herald Sun, Andrew Bolt has a very good article about Pastors Danny Nalliah and Daniel Scot of Catch The Fire Christian Ministries.

Pastors’ Toil and Trouble (article and blog site).

An excerpt from the article which talks about how the Two Danny’s were done over by Justice Higgins of VCAT:

Most of the case over the weeks that followed dealt with the lecture given by Scot, and some curious things soon became clear.

First, even one of the converts had to admit that Scot, who’d been born in Pakistan and got degrees there in theology and applied mathematics, actually understood the Koran far better than did the people complaining he’d misquoted it.

Second, as I wrote at the time, many of the complaints accused Scot of no more than quoting the Koran accurately.

Yes, the Koran did tell men they could beat their wives.

Yes, it did have verses calling on Muslims to fight infidels until they submitted.

The verdict was also odd.

The pastors were found guilty of vilifying Muslims even though the judge identified only one thing Scot had said that was factually wrong: he’d given the wrong birthrate for Muslims here. And, the judge, added, he’d failed to quote a verse that showed Allah was merciful.

Higgins [the original judge who convicted the Danny’s and Catch The Fire] said the real problem with the seminar was that it was not “balanced”, and neither Scot nor Nalliah had said clearly enough that the hard-line Islam they were talking about was, in the judge’s opinion, not followed by most Muslims here.

Here’s another strange thing: Scot and Nalliah were convicted of stirring up hatred – of being “hostile, demeaning and derogatory of all Muslim people” – even though they’d again and again told their congregation to love Muslims, however wrong their faith.

“We have to love them”, Scot had insisted.

“Love should be not only in theory, in word, but should be shown in practice. You invite them for (a) cup of tea. You invite them for dinner, for lunch.”

On he went: “Of course do not criticise their culture . . . We should not criticise their dress . . . Don’t be afraid of (the) Koran . . . there are a lot of things in (the) Koran, which are very similar from (the) Bible.”

What’s more, there was no evidence that those listening to him were a danger to a single Muslim.

The worst the judge could say of them was they’d responded “at various times in the form of laughter”. Dear God – save us from the laughing Christian.

So, this is the kind of dangerous hate-preaching that had the pastors convicted under our new laws, and sentenced to apologise in expensive advertisements in the Herald Sun and Age.

And that was odd, too. Why did the pastors have to apologise to 2.5 million Victorians for comments they made to just 250? Why did the judge also ban them from repeating any of their claims from the lecture, no matter how truthful, in any state?

Mad, you say? Welcome to witch-hunting in Victoria.

The complete text of the Appeal is available HERE.

The 3 judges who ruled on the appeal didn’t agree on all points. Andrew Bolt recommends the findings of Justice Geoffrey Nettle.

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SOLID VOX: Interview with Dr Mark Durie exploring Christianity – Is it the REAL Religion of Peace?

Anglican minister, Dr Mark Durie, talks on my show about Christianity.

In particular, we explore verses in the Bible which seem to condone the use of violence and we examine violent episodes in the history of the Christian Church.

This interview is now available online @

The main biblical verse of contention is Matthew 10:34

Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. Matthew 10:34

Is this an advocacy of violence?

We also touch on the Crusades and the Inquisition – although a lot more study of these is needed.

Over the last couple of years I’ve been steadily studying Islam.

As well as wanting to understand Islam in general, I’ve been especially keen to locate and understand the notion of “Ijtihad” which is supposed to be a lost tradition of independent, critical thinking within Islam. So far I remain unconvinced that Islam has any room for the independent mind. It certainly has no shortage of glorifying violence.

Now I’ve also begun studying Christian writing. Pope Benedict’s 9/12 speech has been my biggest spur in doing this. Especially his invoking of the Ancient Greeks.

Does Christianity promote coercion? What is its take on “faith”? Is Christianity hostile to reason? Does it have room for the independent thinker? How does it deal with dissent? Mockery? Apostasy? The relation between Church and State?

Compared to Islam, Christianity is coming out roses.


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Tim Warner interviewed in Australian IT

Tim Warner, Founder of the “Access Card NO WAY” campaign, opposing the introduction of the Australian government’s smart ID card, was interviewed in Australian IT yesterday. Read the article here.

Listen to my song, supporting Tim Warner’s campaign here.


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