General David Petraeus

Michael Yon in Iraq reports on the commencement of “the most widespread combat operations since the end of the ground war” to take out Al Qaeda in Iraq, and the good work of General David Petraeus.


By the time you read this, we will be inside Baquba, and we will be killing them.

… Our jets will drop bombs and we will use rockets.

… By the time you read this, our artillery will be firing, and our tanks moving in. And Humvees. And Strykers. And other vehicles.

Our people will capture key terrain and cutoff escape routes.

The idea this time is not to chase al Qaeda out, but to trap and kill them head-on, or in ambushes, or while they sleep.

When they are wounded, they will be unable to go to hospitals without being captured, and so their wounds will fester and they will die painfully sometimes.

It will be horrible for al Qaeda.

Horror and terrorism is what they sow, and tonight they will reap their harvest. They will get no rest. They can only fight and die, or run and try to get away.

Nobody is asking for surrender, but if they surrender, they will be taken.

To Coalition forces: Good hunting lads!

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