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Development of the MYprodos Membership management system.

Boring updates: MYprodos ACP streamlined, Snewpi upgrades

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on further upgrades to …

  • The MYprodos system’s administration control panel.
    I need to add several thousand subscribers from various PRODOS projectsto the system and the current system was too awkward. The upgrades have been successfully completed with the assistance of my favorite coder, Davide Villani.
  • The SNEWPI system.
    This allowscampaign project leaders and team members to link to NON-endorsed websites without breaching the NON-endorsement guidelines of campaigns such as Celebrate Capitalism ™. There’s still a little bit more to do on this one, but we’re nearly there.

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Snewpi completed

The SNEWPI site @ http://snewpi.com/ has been completed.


Links to the autobiography of Thomas Jefferson

Links to a discussion of Leonard Peikoff’s “Dim Hypothesis” on Stephen and Betsy Speichers Forum For Ayn Rand Fans

Links to Christian activist organisation, The Saltshakers, provides updates on the case of “The Two Dannys” – convicted by VCATT of breaching the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act (Victoria, Australia)

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SNEWPI system almost ready to roll!

The SNEWPI system is now online and functioning but needs a few more administrative functions added to it which Davide Villani and I are now finalising.Also needed aresome minor aesthetic fixes.

This web system @ http://snewpi.com has been set up to allow those working within PRODOS projects which have a strict NON Endorsement policy to create links to NON endorsed websites.

SNEWPI has been integrated with the MYprodos membership management system.

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Need to set up Virtual Dedicated Server

I’m running behind on my correspondence at the moment. Apologies if you’ve written to me and are still waiting for a reply. I may be another day or two.

The reason for this delay is that I need to configure a new Virtual Dedicated Server so that the prodoscope.com lists will work.

The new hosting system I set up recently – to whichnearly all PRODOS websites and web systems (including the THINKER TO THINKER blogs) were migrated-can’t handle mailing lists, unfortunately.

Currently, a colleague is hosting theprodoscope.com bulletins and mailing lists on his server. But this is just temporary.

Also, the new Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)runs cron jobs, which the other hosting service doesn’t offer.

The new VDS will be run in addition to the main hosting system. i.e. We definitelywon’t be migrating all the websites and systems to the VDS.

The PRODOSVDS should also run the new free mailing list/newsletter service that I want to offer to supporters of Capitalist Ideals.

Configuring the VDS has also delayed finalisation of the Snewp.com system.

🙂 🙂

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New server can’t handle mailman/prodoscope lists

The bad news: Unfortunately, the new hosting service that all the sites and web systems have been moved to can’t handle the mailman script which ran the prodoscope.com mailing lists.

My colleague, Davide, is temporarily hosting all those lists on his own server, but they’re going to have to be discontinued soon.

The good news: I’ve been testing and comparing some new mailing list management scripts and plan, in the next week, to create a new free newsletter/mailing list service for Celebrate Capitalism project leaders, Thinker TO Thinker bloggers, and other supporters.

This will allow registered users to create their own, quite snappy email newsletters and run their own newsletter service.

More news about this over the next week! 😀

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Snewpi system – construction begins

Project update:

This morning I formally started working with Davide Villani on building the new Snewpi system. This will create TinyURL type links to “NON-endorsed” websites.

But rather than linking directly to the destination website, the user will need to jump over 3 linkbuffers to get there.

It’s main use will be on PRODOS campaigns such as Celebrate Capitalism ™ where a wide variety of individuals and groups might cooperate towards a goal, but also have important areas of difference and disagreement.

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