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MYprodos membership management system completed

MYprodos.COM - Join PRODOS Projects promoting global freedom, creative thinking, and capitalism!The MYprodos membership management system is finally completed.

It’s located at and will allow members of all PRODOS projects to join or leave projects, and to update any of the details (such as email address, city, etc.) which affect their project subscriptions.

I’ve been working on getting this system built for about two years and have worked with 3 different coders/programmers on it.

The chap who finally succeeded in building it with me was a brilliant young Italian coder, Davide Villani. And what a marvellous job he’s done!

Now I’ve got the massive task of adding several thousand subscribers to the new system.

One of the biggest reasons for building this system was to be able to coordinate the expansion of the Celebrate Capitalism™ campaign.

Since 2001, International Capitalism Day™ has been celebrated in over 200 cities in 43 countries.

But my goal is “1,000 festivals in a 1,000 cities”.

Managing a project of such magnitude would be impossible without a system such as In fact trying to keep up with “just” the current 200+ cities has proved a nightmare over the last few years.

Background: I created the first, informal Capitalism Day™ in 1984. By 1999 it had crystalized to include the world’s first ever Ayn Rand Film Festival held here in Melbourne, Australia, where I screened We The Living, The Fountainhead, and Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life.

By 2001 Capitalism Day™ was formalised as a worldwide campaign which has been growing steadily year by year, with wonderful, positive Project Leaders working to promote free thinking and free markets across the globe.

We Invite The World!

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Work begins on MYprodos system

I have now commissioned Italian coder/programmer, Davide Villani, to build the MYprodos membership management system.

I’m expecting a very good outcome as I’ve worked with Davide on a number of projects before and he’s always delivered outstanding results.

The MYprodos system will allow those who are currently or wish to be subscribed/registered with any PRODOS project to easily manage their membership details.

It will be an especially vital tool in the forthcoming promotion of the 2007 Celebrate Capitalism campaign.

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MYprodos specs delivered

I’ve delivered the first batch of specifications for the new MYprodos membership management system to my coder/programmer to look over.

The MYprodos system will allow anyone who is registered to any PRODOS project to easily manage their membership details (new email address, joining or leaving a project, etc.)

I’ve been working on this system for over a year. An earlier version was built some time ago, but I felt it was too awkward to use and didn’t have enough flexibility. So I’ve come up with a completely new approach that I hope can be built and tested over the next few weeks.

Over the next couple of days I hope to complete the specs for the PRODOS Project application forms which will be integrated into the MYprodos system and will send them through to the programmer to evaluate.

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MYprodos membership system specs

I spent quite a bit of time this week doing further work on the specifications for the forthcoming PRODOS Projects membership administration system.

I sent my initial notes to programmer, Davide Villani, for an overall evaluation. Davide’s evaluation was positive and I’m hoping to commission him to start building the new system this week.

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Further work on specs for membership system

I’ve been working the last couple of days on designing the new PRODOS project membership system. Still at the stage of outlining (and rethinking) the specifications – what it will allow members to do and what it will allow admin to do.

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Problem with Celebrate Capitalism ™ city sites

Currently, the Celebrate Capitalism™ campaign’s city sites/subdomains are not working (eg. http://NewYork.CelebrateCapitalism.ORG …. http://Bath.CelebrateCapitalism.ORG … http://Melbourne.CelebrateCapitalism.ORG … )

I’m looking into the problem and will report back.

[Later note: System restored to previous status and cities are back online. This has undone the recent update. Will attempt to “re-update” the script once problem is identified.]

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Mambo selected

I have chosen Mambo as the CMS (Content Management System) to be used for a collection of new PRODOS project sites.

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Celebrate Capitalism ™ web system: Security holes fixed

215 database vulnerabilities were repaired in the Celebrate Capitalism™ web system.

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Testing & Comparing CMS’s

I have spent time this week testing several CMS’s (Content Management Systems) which will be needed for some PRODOS project sites – probably for a “multi-site” installation.

My current favorites are: Typo3, Mambo, Joomla, Drupal.

I need to do some more testing and comparing before a final decision is reached.

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Celebrate Capitalism ™ Web system: More security holes discovered

A serious security flaw has been identified within the Celebrate Capitalism ™ web system.

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