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Celebrate Capitalism web system: CPL “write article” function

Thanks to a recent donation I am able to fix a problem with the “write article” section of the Celebrate Capitalism™ CPL control panel. I have now commissioned a coder to trouble-shoot and repair this problem. I’m hoping it will only take a few days to fix.

[Later entry: Fix has been completed]

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RSS and RDF feeds being set up for blogs and message boards

I’m currently testing RSS aggregator scripts for use on blogs, message boards and campaign sites.

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Message board script bugs fixed

This last week I’ve had a few problems with the FUDForum message board script I was going to use. They now seem to have all been fixed (and in one case the problem was due to my error in installing an upgrade)

[Later entry … ]

Further problems found and now fixed.

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Further development of FUDForum message board script

This week I’ve been putting in a lot of time testing and getting familiar with altering the FUDForum message board script that will be installed for several discussion projects including:

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Planning to set up “The 1776” message board this week

I have been testing and comparing message board scripts for several months now and have settled on using FUDForum.

“The 1776” message board is scheduled to be set up this coming week.


  • The “Prodos Thinking Club” message board.
  • The “House of PRODOSTRUCTION” message board
  • The new “TEWLIP” message board
  • The “Celebrate Self” message board
  • Possibly the “Science & Technology” message board
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    Celebrate Capitalism ™ web system to extend Web Editor functionality

    I have commissioned a coder to extend some of the functionality of the Web Editor, allowing the Web Editor to edit CPL profiles.

    The new functions should be available within 7 days.

    [Later note: This project will take a few more days to complete.]

    Once they’re done I will be able to start getting CPL Applicants online.

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    Programmer to de-bug Celebrate Capitalism web system

    I submitted a formal “bid request” via a coder agency in order to find a php coder to trouble-shoot the problems with the Celebrate Capitalism™ web system.

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    MY.PRODOS/CelebrateCapitalism system compatibility to be checked

    In preparation for a major upgrade (almost complete re-write) of the existing MY.PRODOS user management system, I have commissioned a coder to check the way MY.PRODOS and the Celebrate Capitalism™ web system work together.

    This is to ensure minimal disruption of the Celebrate Capitalism™ system while MY.PRODOS is getting developed.

    Note: This is unrelated to the earlier post regarding a bug in the Web Editor function.

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    Celebrate Capitalism web system semi-functional

    I have been testing out the existing Celebrate Capitalism™ web system.

    It has a few bugs. Primarily in the “Web Editor” part which looks after the “Approval Queue”.

    When a CPL (Creative Project Leader) updates his profile or submits a “latest news” article it is not supposed to get “published” (go online for the world to see) until a Web Editor checks it and approves it.

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    MY.PRODOS system: Consultation concluded.

    The coder I hired to provide a consultation and assessment of the rather complicated MY.PRODOS user management system I propose to build has concluded his work.

    It appears that what I have in mind CAN be done.

    The coder provided me with detailed notes on HOW it would be done.

    I hope to find a coder to proceed with this project very soon.

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