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New server now working

At last the new PRODOS serverappears to beworking.

Straight after the mail systemwithin the server was fixed, we found a problem in its control panel – a java memory leak – that was causing it to crash, sometimes 3 times per day.

The new server (actually, I’m running two servers now) have more than twice the space and twice the bandwidth of what was available before. That means it’ll be possible to archive a couple of hundred SOLID VOX podcast shows (each show uses about 1 MB per minute) and offer some more free web services and tools for Celebrate Capitalism supporters.

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New server can’t handle mailman/prodoscope lists

The bad news: Unfortunately, the new hosting service that all the sites and web systems have been moved to can’t handle the mailman script which ran the mailing lists.

My colleague, Davide, is temporarily hosting all those lists on his own server, but they’re going to have to be discontinued soon.

The good news: I’ve been testing and comparing some new mailing list management scripts and plan, in the next week, to create a new free newsletter/mailing list service for Celebrate Capitalism project leaders, Thinker TO Thinker bloggers, and other supporters.

This will allow registered users to create their own, quite snappy email newsletters and run their own newsletter service.

More news about this over the next week! 😀

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MYprodos membership management system completed

MYprodos.COM - Join PRODOS Projects promoting global freedom, creative thinking, and capitalism!The MYprodos membership management system is finally completed.

It’s located at and will allow members of all PRODOS projects to join or leave projects, and to update any of the details (such as email address, city, etc.) which affect their project subscriptions.

I’ve been working on getting this system built for about two years and have worked with 3 different coders/programmers on it.

The chap who finally succeeded in building it with me was a brilliant young Italian coder, Davide Villani. And what a marvellous job he’s done!

Now I’ve got the massive task of adding several thousand subscribers to the new system.

One of the biggest reasons for building this system was to be able to coordinate the expansion of the Celebrate Capitalism™ campaign.

Since 2001, International Capitalism Day™ has been celebrated in over 200 cities in 43 countries.

But my goal is “1,000 festivals in a 1,000 cities”.

Managing a project of such magnitude would be impossible without a system such as In fact trying to keep up with “just” the current 200+ cities has proved a nightmare over the last few years.

Background: I created the first, informal Capitalism Day™ in 1984. By 1999 it had crystalized to include the world’s first ever Ayn Rand Film Festival held here in Melbourne, Australia, where I screened We The Living, The Fountainhead, and Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life.

By 2001 Capitalism Day™ was formalised as a worldwide campaign which has been growing steadily year by year, with wonderful, positive Project Leaders working to promote free thinking and free markets across the globe.

We Invite The World!

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A hell of a month but ready to get back on track

What a month it’s been. Back-to-back disasters and emergencies all around: computer, server, financial, family, health, death, you name it.

Way behind on email correspondence and project updates.

Oh well, such is life sometimes.

Today, everything looks rosy, the gods are smiling, and we’re back in business!

Yippee!! 😀

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MYprodos specs delivered

I’ve delivered the first batch of specifications for the new MYprodos membership management system to my coder/programmer to look over.

The MYprodos system will allow anyone who is registered to any PRODOS project to easily manage their membership details (new email address, joining or leaving a project, etc.)

I’ve been working on this system for over a year. An earlier version was built some time ago, but I felt it was too awkward to use and didn’t have enough flexibility. So I’ve come up with a completely new approach that I hope can be built and tested over the next few weeks.

Over the next couple of days I hope to complete the specs for the PRODOS Project application forms which will be integrated into the MYprodos system and will send them through to the programmer to evaluate.

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1. Anti-Anti-Americanism, 2. Cultural Diversity

Last night at DISCOVER CAPITALISM ™ in Melbourne, we studied:

Victor Hanson‘s essay: “Anti-Anti-Americanism – Dealing with the crazy world after Iraq”
click here to read it

… AND …

Thomas Sowell’s essay: “Cultural Diversity – A World View”
click here to read it


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Mail system working again

The mailing system has been fixed and, according to the tests I’ve run so far, seems to be working normally again.

Over the last few days emails from the following sources have been permanently lost.

Please re-send or re-apply, if you have used any of the following:

  • Application for a THINKER TO THINKER(tm) blog
  • Messages sent via any of the forms on any PRODOS project site.
  • Applications to join Celebrate Capitalism(tm) campaign.
  • Applications to join any other PRODOS project or campaign or service.
  • Message board notifications.
  • Notifications from THINKER TO THINKER(tm) blogs – including request for new passwords, etc.
  • Notifications from any PRODOSCOPE.COM mailing lists.
  • Emails sent to any PRODOS project email address other than prodos “at” prodos “dot com”.

As you can see, the losses has been extensive.

The problem seems to have been caused by a mass spam attack which may have included a virus attack, which masqueraded as if coming from the PRODOS server.

This resulted in the PRODOS IP address being temporarily blacklisted/blocked. It has now been unblocked.

Thanks to Davide Villani for his assistance with this issue.

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New direction for the PRODOS blog

Until now, I’ve restricted this blog to project updates only – with no commentary or opinion articles.

I will now begin including commentary and opinion articles.

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Triple J interview

A couple of days ago I was interviewed by Triple J radio.

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Setting up Project Management system

I have set up and am test running a project management system to be used across most PRODOS Institute projects and campaigns.

[Later note: Tests so far indicate that the new system works well.]

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