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PRODOS.COM internet radio updates and progress reports.

Mail system working again

The mailing system has been fixed and, according to the tests I’ve run so far, seems to be working normally again.

Over the last few days emails from the following sources have been permanently lost.

Please re-send or re-apply, if you have used any of the following:

  • Application for a THINKER TO THINKER(tm) blog
  • Messages sent via any of the forms on any PRODOS project site.
  • Applications to join Celebrate Capitalism(tm) campaign.
  • Applications to join any other PRODOS project or campaign or service.
  • Message board notifications.
  • Notifications from THINKER TO THINKER(tm) blogs – including request for new passwords, etc.
  • Notifications from any PRODOSCOPE.COM mailing lists.
  • Emails sent to any PRODOS project email address other than prodos “at” prodos “dot com”.

As you can see, the losses has been extensive.

The problem seems to have been caused by a mass spam attack which may have included a virus attack, which masqueraded as if coming from the PRODOS server.

This resulted in the PRODOS IP address being temporarily blacklisted/blocked. It has now been unblocked.

Thanks to Davide Villani for his assistance with this issue.

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