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Leonard Peikoff disgusted by Mikko Ellila’s racist obnoxious ideas

Ayn Rand’s intellectual and legal heir, and founder of the Ayn Rand Institute,Dr Leonard Peikoff has nowremoved the two letters by Mikko Ellila (click here for my archived screen shot) which he had posted on his website several weeks ago and replaced them with a note expressing his disgust.

Writes, Dr Peikoff (emphasis added by me) …

Posted August 8, 2007

“Since posting the two letters I received from a Finnish correspondent, I have been directed to an article this individual wrote, which includes explicitly many obnoxious ideas, including racism and determinism. I have, accordingly, removed the letters from the website, and regret that I was taken in by them.

Although a government has no right to censor such ideas, I have the right to refuse to sanction their author.”

— Leonard Peikoff

Yes, it was me who drew Dr Peikoff’s attentionto Mikko Ellila’s article Society Consists of People– the very same article which Mikko omitted to mention to Dr Peikoff when writing to complain to him about his persecution by the other Mikko of Finnish Thought Police fame.

Does it matter that Mikko omitted pointing to that article? Well, yes, since it was precisely that article which the Other Mikko was concerned about.

The very same article for which I disabled Mikko’s THINKER TO THINKER blog.

I note that many other bloggers were – to use Leonard Peikoff’s words – “taken in” by Mikko and, assuming the best of him, stood up for his right to free speech when he contacted us regarding the Finnish authorities’ attack on his right to free speech.

However, how many of those same bloggers suddenlywent all quiet once the truth about Mikko Ellila came out? Once they discovered what he wasreally on about?

In contrast, on this blog I have not and will not merely go quiet. Instead I have continued to relentlessly pursue this issue (check discussions here and here) – with a lot of greatly appreciated help from individuals such as Finnish human rights activist, Jussi K. Niemelä.

Mikko Ellila had proudly provided a copy of his letter to Leonard Peikoff on his now disabled blog at– shortly before it was disabled by me.

Now all that remains on the THINKER TO THINKERserver is the preserved corpse of a racialist. And on Leonard Peikoff’s site?

Not even the cinders of a cremation.

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Blog discussion on racialism and racism

Since disabling the THINKER TO THINKER ™blog of Mikko Ellila (for his advocacy ofracialist public policy), there’s been a very interesting, indepth, detailed debate going on at the PRODOS blog exploring every aspect of racialism and racism.

Everything from immigration to crime statistics, IQ scores, Nationalist movements, scientific studies, and many more areas have been touched on.

The tone has been reasonably polite, if robust at times, from both racialists and anti-racialists.

I invite you to have a look at:

It’s taken up quite a bit of my time, participating in the commenting, and also dealing with private correspondence from some participants, but it’s certainly been worth it!

Racialism and racism are two areas I’ve never examined.

I’m enjoying learning how the racialists and racists (I do differentiate the two, although they have areas in common) put together their arguments.

My interest is not so much for the sake of polemics (i.e. in order to rebutt them) but primarily to get a genuine, clear understanding of their methodology, principles, approach.

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Are Blacks genetically LOWER in intelligence and HIGHER in psychopathy than Whites?

British Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Ulster, Richard Lynn, answers “YES!” to both questions, and he’s conducted and collated a large body of research and data to back up his views.

Does this make Richard Lynn a racist?

Not necessarily.

Does the fact that various White Supremacy and White Separatist groups embrace Richard Lynn’s research and his conclusions make him a racist or a supporter of racism?

Not necessarily.

Is it wrong to investigate these issues?

Not at all.

First I want to discuss the issue of Black versus White intelligence.

All aboard!


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