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Issues relating to the PRODOS “dedicated server”

Boring Updates: Server migration completed

The move to the new server and the closing down of the old server has finally been completed.

A big thanks to Robert Redl of Austria and Davide Villani of Italy for their great help in managing this very challenging job.

I’m looking forward to now resuming more productive activities.

Several sites have been placed in maintenance mode for now.

This week all newsletters were delivered via the new server and the new mailing list system (Free World Express).

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Boring updates: Database errors on several PRODOS sites

Earlier today, about a dozen PRODOS project sites, including CelebrateCapitalism.com started displaying an error message related to the database.

The THINKER TO THINKER ™ blogs do not seem to be affected.

I’m currently investigating the matter.

This is not related to the new server mentioned earlier, as we’re still on the old server.

Update: Robert Redl of Vienna, Austria (whom I recommend highly as a coder and troubleshooter)has fixed the problem.

I’ve “xxxx”-ed out some of it, but the error message was:

user warning: Can’t create/write to file ‘/tmp/#sql_6528_0.MYD’ (Errcode: 17) query: SELECT DISTINCT(p.perm) FROM role r INNER JOIN permission p ON p.rid = r.rid WHERE r.rid IN (1) in /home/xxxxxxxxxxxx/public_html/includes/database.mysql.inc on line 121.

The solution, as explained by Robert:


in the /tmp temoprary directory a mysql file was damaged. After removing it and restarting the mysql server the mysql blocking messages are OK now.

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Server down – 9AM Friday May 25 2007

One of the PRODOS servers has been down for the last 9 hours. This means mailing lists, chat room, and some campaign websites are currently not connecting.

Update -3.40 PM (Cincinnati time): Server is connecting again. Websites and chatroom connecting again. However, one campaign website is bringing up an older version, rather than the version I uploaded to it a few days ago. Bad news so far regarding mailing lists: They’re still not connecting. I’ve written again to the server technicians.

Update – 11.30 PM (Cincinnati time): Mailing lists seem to be working again. I just tested them.

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New server now working

At last the new PRODOS serverappears to beworking.

Straight after the mail systemwithin the server was fixed, we found a problem in its control panel – a java memory leak – that was causing it to crash, sometimes 3 times per day.

The new server (actually, I’m running two servers now) have more than twice the space and twice the bandwidth of what was available before. That means it’ll be possible to archive a couple of hundred SOLID VOX podcast shows (each show uses about 1 MB per minute) and offer some more free web services and tools for Celebrate Capitalism supporters.

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Need to set up Virtual Dedicated Server

I’m running behind on my correspondence at the moment. Apologies if you’ve written to me and are still waiting for a reply. I may be another day or two.

The reason for this delay is that I need to configure a new Virtual Dedicated Server so that the prodoscope.com lists will work.

The new hosting system I set up recently – to whichnearly all PRODOS websites and web systems (including the THINKER TO THINKER blogs) were migrated-can’t handle mailing lists, unfortunately.

Currently, a colleague is hosting theprodoscope.com bulletins and mailing lists on his server. But this is just temporary.

Also, the new Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)runs cron jobs, which the other hosting service doesn’t offer.

The new VDS will be run in addition to the main hosting system. i.e. We definitelywon’t be migrating all the websites and systems to the VDS.

The PRODOSVDS should also run the new free mailing list/newsletter service that I want to offer to supporters of Capitalist Ideals.

Configuring the VDS has also delayed finalisation of the Snewp.com system.

🙂 🙂

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