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New server can’t handle mailman/prodoscope lists

The bad news: Unfortunately, the new hosting service that all the sites and web systems have been moved to can’t handle the mailman script which ran the mailing lists.

My colleague, Davide, is temporarily hosting all those lists on his own server, but they’re going to have to be discontinued soon.

The good news: I’ve been testing and comparing some new mailing list management scripts and plan, in the next week, to create a new free newsletter/mailing list service for Celebrate Capitalism project leaders, Thinker TO Thinker bloggers, and other supporters.

This will allow registered users to create their own, quite snappy email newsletters and run their own newsletter service.

More news about this over the next week! πŸ˜€

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iLOVEprodos.COM broken

The iLOVEprodos.COM merchandise site is broken.

I broke it yesterday when I clicked a wrong button whilst working on the server. That’s what happens when one gets too tired and loses focus for a moment.

What a nuisance.

It’s now going to have to stay that way for about a week until the server migration is completed.

Oh well.

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Moving to a new server

I’m currently looking at migrating all PRODOS web sites and services to a new server over the next week.

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Work begins on MYprodos system

I have now commissioned Italian coder/programmer, Davide Villani, to build the MYprodos membership management system.

I’m expecting a very good outcome as I’ve worked with Davide on a number of projects before and he’s always delivered outstanding results.

The MYprodos system will allow those who are currently or wish to be subscribed/registered with any PRODOS project to easily manage their membership details.

It will be an especially vital tool in the forthcoming promotion of the 2007 Celebrate Capitalism campaign.

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Mail server reconfigured. Will need 72 hours to propagate.

I’ve had to reconfigure my mail server to stop it from being exploited by spammers and causing it to get “IP blocked”.

It can take up to 72 hours for the changes to take effect. i.e. to “propagate”.

Until then, application forms, contact forms, and notifications from contact forms, blogs, discussion lists, and message boards not only won’t work, but they are lost in the ether, never to be recovered.

Unfortunate, but unavoidable.

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Further problems with server and IP address

There are some more problems with the server.

This time it’s with the mail server and the IP address.

Application forms, blog notifications, message board notifications are not coming through.

I’m working on the problem at present and will post an update when there’s more news.

Sorry about the inconvenience this is causing.

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Thanks to donations, Linux expert hired to fix server

A massive thank you to everyone who responded to my call for donations in order to gather enough money to hire a Linux expert to fix the PRODOS server.

I’ve written back to everyone personally.

What we’ve found is that the there was no root hacking of the server.

What happened was there was a “security hole” in a program that I use on one of the project sites which allowed some spammer to use the server for sending out LOADS of spam and thereby crashing the server. I think that’s how it was explained to me.

There’s still more work to be done on closing security holes and upgrading stuff, but I can now get back to organising more SOLID VOX shows, and working on the campaigns.

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

PS: Death to spammers!

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Server back online. Websites back online.

It looks like the server and all PRODOS project sites have just come back online – including this blog, which allows me to leave this message! πŸ™‚

We’ll see how the system behaves over the next 24 hours.

[Later note, Friday 9 AM: The server is working, but there is still some security hole that’s allowing an exploitation and using up the server’s resources. I’m continuing to look into it.]

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3 more server crashes in last 2 days

Still trying to locate the cause.

Unfortunately, due to lack of money at the moment I can’t hire a Linux expert to look into this (they’re expensive!), so I’m relying on friends what I can do myself.

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Server crashed, now back online

The PRODOS server crashed earlier this morning. I haven’t been able to establish the cause. I’ve been able to get it back online. While it was down, PRODOS project sites, application forms, and contact forms were unable to connect.

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