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SOLID VOX interview: Why did Danny do it?


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PRODOS interviews thecontroversial PastorDanny Nalliah of Catch The Fire Ministries.

Topics covered include:

  • Why, in October 2005,Danny Nalliahacceptedan invitationto address the holocaust-denying Australian League of Rights
  • He sets the record straight about what did and did not happen at that meeting -including with regards toa questionput to him about theHolocaust,from the founder of the anti-Semitic Adelaide Institute
  • Why he’d be happy toattend such a meetingagain even though he believes 100% in the Holocaust, supports Israel, and even has an Israel flag in his office.
  • The Christian missionary tradition of the last 2,000 years and how his actions are consistent with the teachings of Jesus
  • About his meeting with Prime Minister John Howard
  • Why he supports John Howard and Peter Costello, and is critical of Labor Party leader, Kevin Rudd
  • Why hediffers with Colin Rubenstein and possibly other Jews regarding dealing with the likes of the League of Rights.
  • And much more!

I didn’t ask Danny Nalliah this question, butI wonder what he’d reply: What would Jesus have done?

If Jesus Christ had been invited to address a group such as the League of Rights, would he have accepted or declined?

If he accepted, on what basis would he do so?

If he refused, on what basis would he do so?

Christianity isn’t new. It’s been around for 2,000 years. Unlike Judaism, one ofthe key features of Christianity – supported by passages from The Bible -has always been an emphasis on proselytism.

Evangelical Christians such as Danny Nalliah are especially active and energetic in this regard.

It’s somewhere between amusing and pathetic that ignorant, dumbassed lefties like Jeff Sparrow of Crikey and Misha Schubert of The Age act sooutraged that Danny Nalliah, a well-known Evangelical Christian would speak at any gathering of the dubious or undesirable.

And it’s bad logic – at the very least – to declare that John Howard and Peter Costello should cut ties with Danny Nalliah because he has basicallybeen doing his job as an EvangelicalChristian Pastor.

Double guilt by association: The League of Rights are baddies. Danny is guilty for “associating” with the League of Rights. Howard and Costello are guilty for “associating” with Nalliah. Of course the Prime Minister and the Treasurer are the key targets here.

Recently, writing for slag-rag, Crikey.com.au, Jeff Sparrow wrote: “Catch the Fire [Ministries, run by Danny Nalliah,] is a bigoted group, and it is shameful that mainstream politicians associate with it.”

And with staggering ignorance, Jeff Sparrow refers to the accusations made by the Islamic Council of Victoria*, later upheld by VCAT, and then later DISCREDITED by the Supreme Court of Victoria, Court of Appeals, that Catch The Fire “had described Muslims as drug-dealing demons training to make Australia an Islamic state.”

He then dares the Australia Israel Jewish Affairs Council (who, by the way, do great work) to join his chorus of viciousness and ignorance.

* By the way, the supposedly “moderate”Islamic Council of Victoria’s website recommends IslamOnline.net – which advocates the murder of apostates. Justthought, Jeff Sparrows and Misha Schubert might be interested.

Click here to listen or download this interview
(4.5 MB mp3 )

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Australian free market defender Michael Darby suspended from Liberal Party

Michael Darby, Liberal Party of Australia

I’m in the USA at present and just received an email from a Liberal Party colleague that my good friend, fellow Liberal Party of Australia member, and SOLID VOX presenter, Michael Darby has just been suspended from the Party for two years!

Presumably for appearing on ABC TV show Four Corners.

It’s been alleged by the Party that this was somehow in breach of the Party’s Constitution. How?

I don’t have more details yet but, other than the fact that Four Corners put a lot of work into trying to portray Michael as some sort of shady behind-the-scenes power-broker, I found nothing in that interview which could be considered a breach of the Party’s Constitution.

I’ve known and worked with Michael on several projects over theyears.

He’s been a guest speaker at the Melbourne-based DISCOVER CAPITALISM meetings which I organise.

He has supported the worldwide Celebrate Capitalism campaign since it began in 2001.

He recently joined my SOLID VOX internet radio network.

He has stood by me through difficult times. He has never hesitated to join or support any cause that might advance liberty in Australia.

Sure there are areas on which we disagree.

But I consider Michael Darbya True Friend and a True Blue Aussie.

And one of this country’s most serious defenders of Liberty.

I stand by Michael Darby.

Click here to email me.

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Islamic Free Market Institute Foundation and George Bernard Shaw

In an earlier post scrutinising the Islamic Free Market Institute Foundation, which has been praised by Australia’s Institute of Public Affairs, I wrote:

– – –
The Islamic “Free Market”Institute Foundation also quotes
this item by George Bernard Shaw:

I believe that if a man like him [Muhammad]
were to assume
the dictatorship of the
modern world
, he would succeed in solving
its problems in a way that would bring it
much needed peace and happiness.

Oh, I get it! A free market dictator! Brilliant.
– – – –

In case the reader isn’taware, the 1925 Nobel Prize winning author, George Bernard Shaw, was a Socialist and a big fan of Stalin, Lenin, Mussolini, and Hitler.

… By 1933 he was calling Stalin and Mussolini “the most responsible statesmen in Europe”

… He applauded his [Stalin’s] annexation of Finland, recommended him for the Nobel Peace Prize …

… Shaw’s view after he spent nine days in Russia in 1931 … congratulated slave-labourers on their public-spiritedness, said he would settle “in the most fortunate country on earth” if he were younger and, in a hall later used for show trials, declared he would die happy now he knew that the communist system could “save mankind from complete anarchy and ruin”.

… In October 1939 he published an article urging Britain and France to make peace with Germany, suggesting that Churchillism be abolished before Hitlerism and declaring that “we should cease railing at our own creation” and recognise the ability with which the Führer had undone “our wicked work” at Versailles.

… as late as 1942 that the Führer was “a remarkable fellow” who had taken “the courage of his convictions to a sublime height”.

… As late as 1938 Shaw wrote to Beatrice Webb: “I think we ought to tackle the Jewish question by admitting the right of the State to make eugenic experiments by weeding out any strains they think undesirable.” The result of those experiments was, of course, the Holocaust, in which Shaw always refused to believe.


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THINKER TO THINKER blogger to be interrogated for “hate speech”

We Will NOT Submit

One of our THINKER TO THINKER bloggers has just informed me – a few minutes ago – that he is to be interrogated by Police for “hate speech”.

His thought crime consists of exposing – on his THINKER TO THINKER blog – the violent nature of Islam and supporting America, Israel, and Western Values.

As soon as he gives me permission to reveal his details I’ll post a note about it.

I’ve invited him to speak on my show about it.

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Solid Vox guest charged with defrauding customers

On April 2 2007 the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announed that Aden Rusfeldt (who was a guest on SOLID VOX show Profiles In Profit) was charged with “Defrauding Customers in Connection with Internet Solicitations”

SOLID VOX is trying to get in touch with Aden Rusfeldt to get his side of the story.

The CFTC press release regarding the charge is located here

An excerpt:

… according to the complaint, Rusfeldt’s fraudulent sales pitches included false representations that large profits were likely or virtually guaranteed, that risks were minimal or could be substantially eliminated, and that new customers could expect to benefit from Rusfeldt’s profitable past trading performance.

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New server now working

At last the new PRODOS serverappears to beworking.

Straight after the mail systemwithin the server was fixed, we found a problem in its control panel – a java memory leak – that was causing it to crash, sometimes 3 times per day.

The new server (actually, I’m running two servers now) have more than twice the space and twice the bandwidth of what was available before. That means it’ll be possible to archive a couple of hundred SOLID VOX podcast shows (each show uses about 1 MB per minute) and offer some more free web services and tools for Celebrate Capitalism supporters.

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