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SOLID VOX: Australian Ayn Rand fan Sonja Bernhardt presents the Screen Goddess IT Calendar!

The latest PRODOS Worldwide interview on the SOLID VOX Network is an interview with the irrepressible Sonja Bernhardt, creator of the Screen Goddess IT Calendar.

An image from Ayn Rand fan, Sonja Bernhardt's Screen Godess IT Calendar

Listen, download, or podcast this interview HERE

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SOLID VOX: The Zigory Show interviews composer, M. Zachary Johnson

This is a very interesting interview that Greg Zeigerson has done with M. Zachary Johnson. It probes the way this unique composer approaches his music and many of the concepts which shape his thinking. I believe that M. Zachary Johnson is an Objectivist. He certainly seems to have a thorough understanding of Ayn Rand’s ideas on Esthetics.

Composer, M Zachary Johnson

Greg Zeigerson is one of the new SOLID VOX presenters and this is his second interview. His work is outstanding: He’s well researched and covers issues that he’s personally, deeply interested in. And that makes GREAT radio! 🙂

His podcast show is @

His blog is @

Do recommend this interview to others!

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SOLID VOX: Edward Cline interviewed by Egoist, Martin Lindeskog

Edward Cline, author of the Sparrowhawk adventure novels

On the SOLID VOX™ Network, EGOIST with Martin Lindeskog speaks with Edward Cline, author of the acclaimed Sparrowhawk adventure novels.

Ed Cline (pictured left) talks at length about the novel writing process, including the way he approaches background research, character and plot, and even the choosing of names for his characters.

I was most impressed by Ed Cline’s clarity of thought, expansive imagination, and dedication to the Founding Ideals of America – all of which comes together in the form of his adventure novels.

After Martin Lindeskog finished speaking with Ed Cline, I asked him: With the enormous immersion in historical and cultural facts and figures that he has to constantly do, how does he stay creative? A lot of people who have a “research type” mentality don’t tend to have a “creative type” mentality. They seem to be two distinctly different types of thinking.

This is what I got from his answer – and it’s probably mixed in with my own views on this issue:

What mattered was how the facts are treated. Each bit of information is viewed as a potential springboard or starting point.

For instance, the name “Frake” from Ed Cline’s first novel, Jack Frake, was derived from noting the early meaning of the word “freak”.

What was interesting was that a “freak” back then (probably spelt a bit differently) didn’t have the same derogatory/mocking sense that it has today. It meant a unique, distinctive person who stood out. And this was treated as good thing.

The dictionaries I’ve checked don’t know the origin of the term “freak”. But I wonder if it’s related to fracas derived from the Italian fracasso, which comes from fracassare “to shatter.”

So, when a creative person researches facts he finds what is surprising or curious about them and works on how this can be used to come up with something new. The facts are launching pads. He’s not just categorizing the facts, he’s connecting them and playing with their possibilities.

Hmm … maybe the creative person uses facts to create a fracas? 😀

Listen, download, or podcast Martin Lindeskog’s interview with Edward Cline @

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SOLID VOX: Jim Woods speaks with Nick Provenzo on Effective Activism

SOLID VOX show, Over The Top with Jim Woods, speaks with Nicholas Provenzo from the Center for the Advancement of Capitalism on EFFECTIVE ACTIVISM.

Nicholas Provenzo, Center for the Advancement of Capitalism

Available online now @

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PRODOS Worldwide interview with John Pasquarelli

My interview with John Pasquarelli is now online at:

John Pasquarelli is not a free marketeer. He supports tarrifs and various restrictions on international trade. I’d also disagree with some of his views on immigration as well as many social issues.

However, his comments on the problems with multiculturalism and his advocacy of assimiliation are spot on. Also, his observations about Australian politics.

John Pasquarelli

John Pasquarelli: Former advisor to Pauline Hanson, and later to John Stone. Minister in the first Parliament of Papua New Guinea. Artist/Painter. Crocodile hunter.

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Michael Darby interviews Dr Don Brash

Don Brash, New Zealand National Party

Don Brash, New Zealand National Party

Now available online: Michael Darby‘s wide ranging interview with the Leader of the National Party of New Zealand, Dr Don Brash.

Listen online @

I found especially interesting, Don Brash’s story about coming to Australia to do his PhD years ago – intent on proving how terrible and destructive American and foreign investment is to a country.

But by the end of his thesis, he had become a strong pro free market advocate – and remains so. This shows an honest mind at work.

Further evidence of Don Brash’s openess and honesty comes through when he talks briefly about past New Zealand Prime Minister, and National Party leader, Sir Robert Muldoon, who was heavily interventionist. Dr Brash contrasts his own very different approach whilst remaining gracious at all times.

New Zealand would do well to make Don Brash its Prime Minister! 🙂

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SOLID VOX: Islam, The Religion of Peace. Or not?

In this latest PRODOS Worldwide interview Sorge Diaz of argues that Islam is a dangerous Religion of Aggression.

Listen, download or podcast from:

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SOLID VOX: The Darby Report interviews Dr Muriel Newman

Former New Zealand Minister of Parliament, Dr Muriel Newman, discusses her experiences in politics as a member the pro free enterprise, ACT Liberal Party, and her new project, NZ Centre for Political Debate.

Listen online at:

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Two Celebrate Capitalism ™ project leaders quit

I recently received an email from 2 long-time Australian supporters of the Celebrate Capitalism campaign informing me that they are quitting because the Melbourne Capitalism Award ™ 2006 was given to an “anti-capitalist”.

They were referring to Pastor Daniel Nalliah of Catch The Fire Christian Ministry.

I’ve written twice to the former project leaders to provide evidence that proves that Daniel Nalliah is an “anti-capitalist” but have not yet received any response.

To listen to my SOLID VOX interview with Daniel Nalliah and find some helpful links: click here

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SOLID VOX: New interviews recorded

This week, new SOLID VOX show, The Darby Report (with Michael Darby) recorded its first interview.

PRODOS Worldwide recorded two new interviews also.

These aren’t yet online. I’m hoping to get them online by tonight.

I doubled the space available for mp3 files on the SOLID VOX server (a subset of the PRODOS server). There is now 1 GB available for this project. About 600 MB have already been used.

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