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Updates on the THINKER TO THINKER ™ pro Capitalism blog project

Psychogenesis blog suspended by PRODOS


I have suspended the THINKER TO THINKER blog Psychogenesis.ThinkerToThinker.com


A colleague emailed me a couple of days ago, after reading the following comment (comment #2 by maxtrue) dated April 06 2011 at JihadWatch.org

I will leave you all a gift I found: http://psychogenesis.thinkertothinker.com/?p=263

Elon Musk not only is ready to start serious production of world class EVs in his California Tesla plant, but is developing the Falcon 9 which will lift 53 tons into orbit. The only thing NASA has that can lift more is the long retired Saturn Rocket. It is questionable that come 2016 NASA will have operational a new rocket that can lift 75 tons. In any case, NASA comes nowhere near the $1000 per pound cost Musk is planning to deliver. So these antisemitic A-holes at stinkertostinker not only slander Musk for being a Jew, but attack one of the most important people to help America to return to technological leadership in the world. I hope the CIA or some other service is making sure Musk is safe.

Sure, some rebels call Qaddafi Jewish and those Muslims that hate the Saudi King have long claimed the Royal family was originally Jewish, even claiming Jews brought beheading into the Muslim culture. On one level we can understand ME IDS, but the creatures that inhabit the dark corners of the West including some of those who hide behind Muslim Civil Rights, are inexcusably allowed to post their hate without much opposition. I guess it is okay to defame and shower with racist obscenity. Jews, but burn one of 2 billion Korans and the UN will compare it to a suicide attack.


PRODOS projects and services – including the THINKER TO THINKER™ blog service – are unavailable for promoting:

  1. Hostility to Israel
  2. Anti-Semitism
  3. Conspiracy Theories
  4. Racism and/or Racialism
  5. Anti-Capitalism


After investigating the posts and pages of the Psychogenesis blog I have concluded that it is in breach of the first three of the above prohibitions.


From this page:

Short story: After spending some time in Turkey I’m back in Europe as of Fall 2010.

I slowly begun to understand the hidden reality behind world events in late 2007. Only in June of 2008 I had seen enough evidence to understand that a mainly jewish organization was behind 9/11. I’m currently planning my next move.

You can contact me through the address …

I have therefore permanently suspended this blog.

I have no plans to deleted the blog.

Thanks to the colleague who drew this matter to my attention, and to “maxtrue” over at JihadWatch.org for his comments.

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Thinker TO Thinker weekly blog contests #1 (with measly cash prize)


Launched new weekly contest with a small cash prize for TTT bloggers …

Here’s what you need to do for this week’s contest.

Over the next week write 3 posts on your TTT blog – each of which includes at least one quote from any of these “Big Seven” Thinkers:

* Aristotle
* John Locke
* Adam Smith
* Thomas Jefferson
* Frederic Bastiat
* Ludwig von Mises
* Ayn Rand

Q: Can all 3 quotes come from the same Thinker?
A: Yes. You can write 3 posts and, for instance, have a quote from Thomas Jefferson in each post. Of course, you can’t use the very same quote three times. Well, you can but it’s only counted once.

Q: Can I have one quote from this Thinker and two quotes from that Thinker?
A: Yes. Any combination – across 3 posts – is fine.

Q: Where do I get the quotes I’m to use?
A: You have to find them yourself.
AND … you have to provide the original source of the quote.
For instance, if you quote from Aristotle, you need to specify which of Aristotle’s works that quote came from. If you use a quote from Bastiat, you have to specify which essay or book of Bastiat’s it comes from. The attribution cannot be a website. The attribution has to identify the original source of the quote.

Q: In what way must I utilize this quote?
A: It’s up to you.
For instance, you can include it as part of another article. You can do a post that’s specifically about the quote itself – for instance, explaining why you find this quote valuable. You can pick a quote and elaborate further on it just as a thinking exercise. It’s up to you.

Q: Can I criticize the quote?
A: A quote that’s used in order to criticize the quote is not counted within the three quotes required for this competition.

Q: How do I win the five big smackeroos?
A: It will be difficult. Very difficult. Fortunately you are not put off by such considerations. You embrace the challenge. You look forward. You are driven by your vision of a better world.

Q: I plan to win. How will you send me my hard earned cash?
A: PayPal

Q: What can I buy with five dollars?
A: Glory

Q: Why are you doing this? Are you insane?
A: I feel fine. Thanks for asking. Good luck.

Q: I don’t need luck. I’ve got a TTT blog.
A: That’s not a question. But I get it and I’m glad.

Happy blogging!

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Viv Forbes: No Carbon Tax

Heartland Institute: “CO2 does not drive temperature”

Following Heartland Institute’s 2008 International Conference on Climate Change, Viv Forbes of the Australian Carbon Sense Coalition recommended …

… ceasing to mandate market shares for any particular energy source, and abolishing all discriminatory energy taxes and subsidies and all limits, caps and taxes on harmless emissions of CO2.

Australian free market analyst, Gerard Jackson, a harsh critic of Carbon Tax (which he claims is “a direct tax on capital”) had been invited to attend the conference but couldn’t make it due to health problems.

Continue reading

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Leonard Peikoff disgusted by Mikko Ellila’s racist obnoxious ideas

Ayn Rand’s intellectual and legal heir, and founder of the Ayn Rand Institute,Dr Leonard Peikoff has nowremoved the two letters by Mikko Ellila (click here for my archived screen shot) which he had posted on his website several weeks ago and replaced them with a note expressing his disgust.

Writes, Dr Peikoff (emphasis added by me) …

Posted August 8, 2007

“Since posting the two letters I received from a Finnish correspondent, I have been directed to an article this individual wrote, which includes explicitly many obnoxious ideas, including racism and determinism. I have, accordingly, removed the letters from the website, and regret that I was taken in by them.

Although a government has no right to censor such ideas, I have the right to refuse to sanction their author.”

— Leonard Peikoff

Yes, it was me who drew Dr Peikoff’s attentionto Mikko Ellila’s article Society Consists of People– the very same article which Mikko omitted to mention to Dr Peikoff when writing to complain to him about his persecution by the other Mikko of Finnish Thought Police fame.

Does it matter that Mikko omitted pointing to that article? Well, yes, since it was precisely that article which the Other Mikko was concerned about.

The very same article for which I disabled Mikko’s THINKER TO THINKER blog.

I note that many other bloggers were – to use Leonard Peikoff’s words – “taken in” by Mikko and, assuming the best of him, stood up for his right to free speech when he contacted us regarding the Finnish authorities’ attack on his right to free speech.

However, how many of those same bloggers suddenlywent all quiet once the truth about Mikko Ellila came out? Once they discovered what he wasreally on about?

In contrast, on this blog I have not and will not merely go quiet. Instead I have continued to relentlessly pursue this issue (check discussions here and here) – with a lot of greatly appreciated help from individuals such as Finnish human rights activist, Jussi K. Niemelä.

Mikko Ellila had proudly provided a copy of his letter to Leonard Peikoff on his now disabled blog at MikkoEllila.ThinkerToThinker.com– shortly before it was disabled by me.

Now all that remains on the THINKER TO THINKERserver is the preserved corpse of a racialist. And on Leonard Peikoff’s site?

Not even the cinders of a cremation.

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Blog discussion on racialism and racism

Since disabling the THINKER TO THINKER ™blog of Mikko Ellila (for his advocacy ofracialist public policy), there’s been a very interesting, indepth, detailed debate going on at the PRODOS blog exploring every aspect of racialism and racism.

Everything from immigration to crime statistics, IQ scores, Nationalist movements, scientific studies, and many more areas have been touched on.

The tone has been reasonably polite, if robust at times, from both racialists and anti-racialists.

I invite you to have a look at:


It’s taken up quite a bit of my time, participating in the commenting, and also dealing with private correspondence from some participants, but it’s certainly been worth it!

Racialism and racism are two areas I’ve never examined.

I’m enjoying learning how the racialists and racists (I do differentiate the two, although they have areas in common) put together their arguments.

My interest is not so much for the sake of polemics (i.e. in order to rebutt them) but primarily to get a genuine, clear understanding of their methodology, principles, approach.

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Announcement: Mikko Ellila blog in breach and to be disabled

Further to my earlier notes, and after several months of careful consideration and consultation I have now determined that in his advocacy of racialist (note: I do not use the term “racist”) views and policies, Mikko Ellilä at his blog MikkoEllila.ThinkerToThinker.com isin breach of THINKER TO THINKER™ policies and principles, and incompatible with Capitalist Ideals,and that I will be disabling his blog within seven days.

Some of the blogs and forums which have been following the Mikko Ellila issue …

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My comprehensive assessment of Mikko Ellila article, Society Consists of People

I’ve now completed myanalysis of the issues raised my Mikko Ellilä in his article, Society Consists of People.

My post is titled:

Are Blacks genetically LOWER in intelligence and HIGHER in psychopathy than Whites?

I’ve spent about 100 hours researching and writing for this study and believe it tackles the major issues fairly, objectively, and comprehensively.

My article does not directly refer to Mikko’s post, however it does tackle its main arguments.

As well as reaching a conclusionon the views that Mikko has presented, I’ve alsoprovided my conclusion regarding whether or not Mikko’s post is compatible with the positions and policies of THINKER TO THINKER:

I further conclude that any direct or indirect advocacy of the above racialist positions (please note I do not refer to them as “racist”) is incompatible with Capitalist Ideals such as free markets, individual rights, liberty, equality before the law, creative thinking, volition/free will.

Please note: Myanalysis distinguishes between racism and racialism.I do not treat these two termsas either having the same meaning or having the same moral stature.

– – – – – – – – – –

Update Monday June 18


  1. By “advocacy” I mean promoting as public policy.
  2. The racialist positions I’m referring to are only those covered in my article “Are Blacks genetically LOWER in intelligence and HIGHER in psychopathy than Whites?”

– – – – – – – – – –

Some of the blogs and forums which have been following the Mikko Ellila issue …

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