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Are Blacks genetically LOWER in intelligence and HIGHER in psychopathy than Whites?

British Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Ulster, Richard Lynn, answers “YES!” to both questions, and he’s conducted and collated a large body of research and data to back up his views.

Does this make Richard Lynn a racist?

Not necessarily.

Does the fact that various White Supremacy and White Separatist groups embrace Richard Lynn’s research and his conclusions make him a racist or a supporter of racism?

Not necessarily.

Is it wrong to investigate these issues?

Not at all.

First I want to discuss the issue of Black versus White intelligence.

All aboard!


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Mikko Ellila provides authorised English translation of Society Consists of People

Mikko Ellilä has now provided an authorized translation of his article, Society Consists of Peoplefrom its original Finnish into English.

Mikko has stated that the previous “unauthorized” translation by Aapo Puhakka – and proof-read and modified by Kenneth Sikorski – was “awful” and “very misleading”.

So here they are, below. The two translations side-by-side.

What do I think of the authorised translation?

I’ll defer my comments for a later post while I study the matter further.

I welcome your views either on this blog or by email.

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Mikko Ellila article – Aapo Puhakka’s English translation confirmed as quite accurate!

Mikko Ellila (Ellilä) has written on this blog and on his own blog that Aapo Puhakka’s English translation of the originalSociety Consists of People was “awful” and “misleading”.

However, Kenneth Sikorski who is fluent in both English and Finnish has now proof-read Aapo’s translation and found it to be largely accurate with “very few discrepencies” between Aapo’s translation and Mikko’s original article.

Below, I provide Kenneth’s notes. As you’ll see, the corrections/adjustments are quite minimal and do NOT result in a different understanding of Mikko’s article.

First, here’s what Mikko wrote about the translation.

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Part 1: A careful examination of Mikko Ellila’s article, Society Consists of People

Update, Sunday June 10 2007, Cincinnati time: Mikko hasprovided an authorized English translation of his article, Society Consists of People, which I’ve posted HERE

Over several posts I will carefully examine,step-by-step,the reasoning and the claims made by Finnish blogger Mikko Ellila(also spelt:Ellilä and Ellilän) in his article “Society Consists of People” (See original in Finnish here, or English translation here.)

[By the way, Sydney Kendall is also doing a detailed analysis of the Mikko article. Highly recommended!]

Let’s get started ….

Society Consists of People
By Mikko Ellila

In the discussion of immigration and multiculturalism many people seem to forget, that every society and culture is created and upheld by certain kind of people.

European culture and modern western society is created by white people.

One could see in Africa societies and cultures created by black people, if there were no railroads, airplanes, streets with asphalt, stone houses, electricity, telephone, television, etc.

Even if it’strue that some or many or even most of the people who “created” modern Westernculturewere “white”. They were also many other things too.

Why is the “white” bit relevant?

Is “white” a distinguishing attribute? Or is there some more fundamental attribute/characteristic at work?

New concepts andnew ways of doing things, defining and defending and promoting freedom, and creating wealth are functions of independent, individual thinking.

Volition/Free Will has nothing to do with race or biology. All humans, regardless of race have inherent free will and therefore the capacity for creative thought.

Many of the best defenders of free speech and individual rights today are not “white”.

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Shoddy science and fuzzy reasoning on race, IQ, and wealth

ReasonRules.ThinkerToThinker.com links to aWikipedia article about a book called IQ and the Wealth of Nations by Dr Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, and Dr. Tatu Vanhanen, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland.


… The book argues that differences in national income (in the form of per capita gross domestic product) correlate with differences in average national IQ. The authors interpret this correlation as showing that IQ is one important factor contributing to differences in national wealth and rates of economic growth, but that it is not the only determinant of these differences.

… The authors believe that average IQ difference between nations are due to both genetic and environmental factors. They also believe that low GDP can cause low IQ, just as low IQ can cause low GDP

… For 104 of the 185 nations, no studies were available. In those cases, the authors have used an estimated value by taking averages of the IQs of neighboring or comparable nations.

For example, the authors arrived at a figure of 84 for El Salvador by averaging their calculations of 79 for Guatemala and 88 for Colombia. Including those estimated IQs, the correlation of IQ and GDP is 0.62.

Finnish blogger, Mikko Ellila, has written the following:
See original in Finnish here, or English translation here.

Bringing Negroes to Europe lowers the mean intelligence level of European population, because Negroes have lower median-IQ than whites.

There is a positive correlation between intelligence and standard of living.

… When the mean intelligence level decreases, the standard of living of the country decreases.

… So bringing Negroes to Europe would lower the standard of living in Europe, even if Negroes wouldn’t be social bums living on taxpayers money.

These are examples of shoddy science and fuzzy reasoning coming together.

In the view of Dr Anna Blainey (Melbourne, Australia) the following statement by Mikko Ellila demonstrateshis denial of free will and moral faculty for Negroes:

Negroes obey laws regulated by white society only, when they are concretedly upkept with harsh discipline. If discipline softens, Negroes african biological character of people is manifested in their behaviour.

My own view is that complianceto governmental laws which relate to respect of person and property (in contrast to laws which seek to regulate people or laws which plunder citizens) requires: The ability to think in principles – which isintegral to human nature. And a respect for self-ownership.

Biology (including genetics) is not involved in either case. It’s completely irrelevant.

I tend to be emotionally more “volatile” than my wife. For instance, I tend to get upset faster and to a greater degree than she does. It’s possible there may be some biology/genetics involved in this.

But I don’t need to be reminded of any strict laws against rape, murder,or plunder, to remain steadfast in my respect of others – even of those who I feel have wronged me.

Why not? Because I act morally. In fact my moral thinking limits my range of potentially harmful actions far more than any laws.

My moral principles are not in any way derived from my biology.

Nor is my dedication to truth and justice.

Which parts of Mikko’s thinking are based on his European biology?

Come on Mikko, tell us.

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Mikko Ellila – English translation of article and charges plus my criticisms of Mikko while still defending his right to free speech

Below, is an Englishtranslation by Aapo Puhakkaof the article which Mikko Ellila wrote (I’ve only included the text and have left out the accompanyingpictures from his original article) and which the Finnish authorities are investigating him about.

Also, there’s a translation of the charges being made against Mikko.

I got both these texts from Laiva On Taynnavia a link from Thoughts on Freedom, The Official Blog of the Australian Libertarian Society.

Both of these are confirmed as being genuine by Mikko Ellila himself on his blog.

But first, let me state or remind the reader that when Mikko originally wrote to me he said

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Mikko Ellila issue at Little Green Footballs

Mikko Ellila of Finland: Outspoken critic of Islamo-fascists

Little Green Footballs has posted a much commented item on Fellow Thought Criminal, Mikko Ellila:

Finnish blogger Mikko Ellilä has been notified that he will be interrogated by police under Finland’s “incitement against groups” law.

Gates of Vienna is providing valuable updates on this issue.

Tundra Tabloids is doing very nice work.

Sydney Kendall Says is tracking this issue as well as the Sandmonkey Shrugs issue in Egypt.

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Anti-spam plug-in added to all THINKER TO THINKER blogs

I’ve spent a large part of the last two days activating and configuring a WordPress anti-spam plug-in on each of the 140 THINKER TO THINKER™ blogs. This had to be done individually for each blog. There’s no facility to do it en masse.

I also manually corrected some formatting problems that I came across. There were instances of the right hand column (the “sidebar”) of some blogs having flipped from the right hand side to the bottom.

The cause seemed to be that the blog owner had copied and pasted into his blog, articles or parts of articles from something like Word.

The problem is that text editors such as Word introduce coding that the blogs don’t recognise and can’t process and this throws the formatting out of kilter.

The other thing it can do is disable the RSS feed of the blog.

If any THINKER TO THINKER™ blog owners want to use a text editor, try using the one I sometimes use: NoteTab Light. You can download it for free from NoteTab.com

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